“Insatiable” releases second season

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

The first season of this show followed main protagonist Patty Bladell, played by Debby Ryan, as she goes through a court hearing against her for assaulting a homeless man. In an unfortunate chain of events, the homeless man punches Patty in the face, breaking her jaw. Due to this, she is on a liquid only diet for a while, and loses a significant amount of weight. Patty then goes from being “Fatty Patty” to being a thinner version of herself. Her weight loss catches the attention of many that did not care to pay attention to her when she was heavier. Patty soon decides to begin doing pageants. This season follows Patty through her pageant pursuits; all of the ups and downs, and then some.

The second season continues to follow Patty’s pursuits and much more. The storyline of this season takes a dark twist, but still contains a delightful amount of humor for viewers to enjoy. In this season, there is a serial killer nicknamed “The Pageant Killer” that has been murdering pageant stars. Through unlikely circumstances, Patty is a suspect for these murders. It seems as though whenever a murder takes place, it benefits Patty. For example, when Patty was first runner-up, the pageant winner was found murdered in her dressing room. The pageant killings hit such an extreme that at one point that even Miss American Lady was cancelled. This season also hits hard about eating disorders and how dangerous they can be, which was something that I enjoyed in particular about this season.

As a fan of the first season of the show, I enjoyed the second season just the same. While this show is extremely dramatic and far-fetched, it is also engrossing. Viewers are sucked into the drama of the life of the main character Bladell. I often find myself binge-watching this show as the drama is capturing. There are many critics that do not enjoy the show at all, describing it as outlandish and nonsensical. It is important to note that not everyone feels that way about the show, I most definitely do not, but it is an opinion that is floating around the Internet in regard to Insatiable.

If you love drama, humor and a bit of scandal, then Insatiable would be an excellent series for you to binge in these upcoming weeks!