SGA stresses importance of open sessions

Marc Ramirez, News editor

Markeysha Marshall kicked off Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting by introducing a guest speaker from the Spin Bikeshare company to propose bringing them to campus. However, due to technical difficulties, the meeting has been postponed once again to the next meeting.

During the wait, Marshall led into cabinet reports. President Colton Markey started by stating that the Student Government Association Scholarship has been closed with a total of 39 applicants, an all time high anyone who has previously sat in the room has seen.

“Over the next few weeks we will review those to find the best recipient,” Markey said.

Marshall then yielded to Vice President Daria Levchenko who spoke about the Mayor’s Roundtable. She explained that it was a successful first meeting and informative to all in attendance.

“The next Mayor’s Roundtable will be on Thursday Nov. 14, in two weeks, at 6 p.m. at Gelsosomo’s Pizza,” Levchenko said. “We’re going to have a member of the Economic Development Team here in Macomb come out and talk to us about new economic development efforts coming to Macomb.”

Levchenko let the room know that she will be sending an email and Google Calendar invites to all those interested; however, she did comment that this meeting, unlike the other, is only open to members of the Student Government Association. Levchenko yielded to the cabinet for reports where no one had anything to say.

Marshall then yielded to Student Member of the Board of Trustees Justin Brown to read his report. Brown said that at the next Board meeting, they will be discussing what they want to see in the next President of Western Illinois University.

“That is the first step of the presidential search that we approved at the last Board meeting back in October,” Brown said. “We usually provide some guided questions for you to give out to your constituents so that next week when we have this conversation you guys are as prepared as possible.”

Advisor Michelle Janisz then spoke to the importance of attending open sessions for institutional services across the university.

“There are some taking place, or about to take place across campus,” Janisz said. “Specifically two positions in the Multicultural Center. Those two processes have actually started and they go throughout the week. There are open sessions available to the entire campus to hear for those candidates for those positions.”

Janisz encouraged students to check out the Human Resources website to find information listed about when and where each of the institutional services open sessions take place. She also informed the room that it’s important for students to do this to learn more about what’s going on and have a way to voice their opinions or concerns.

She also thanked everyone who was able to make it out and support Make A Difference Day.

“I know the mayor showed up at our event and was very appreciative of the community members that assisted and our students who helped in a variety of roles,” Janisz said.

Marshall then spoke to the floor and informed them that if they know they will not be able to make a meeting beforehand, to send her an email as she doesn’t see a reason to meet if the Senate will not make quorum.

Following committee reports, the Senate revoted on SGA Bill of Appointment .003 to appoint Savannah Osborne to the Council of Student Activities Funds. Marshall announced that she made an error the last time the bill was brought forward. Chief of Staff Rachel Greene spoke on Osborne’s behalf, explaining that she is a finance major looking to get more involved on campus. The bill was passed by committee with a vote of 4-0-0 and passed Senate by a vote of 11-1-4.

SGA Bill of Appointment .005 to appoint Jordan Huff to the Council on Student Activities Funds was next on the agenda. Huff was present to speak on his behalf and explained his involvement on campus and how he would like to serve on the committee to bring different opinions to the table. The bill was passed by committee with a vote of 3-1-0 and passed Senate by a vote of 15-1-0.

The last item on the agenda was SGA Bill of Resolution .002 to support a formal statement of support in recognition of the support and service Jack Thomas provided to Western.

“In light of the overwhelming amount of achievements and dedication to the students of Western Illinois University and the Student Government Association that has been demonstrated by the awards and professional affiliations and activities of Dr. Thomas, that it be authorized that the Student Government Association give a formal statement of support in recognition of the service and dedication demonstrated by Dr. Thomas in his role as the 11th President of Western Illinois University by a vote of 13-3-0,” SGA Bill of Resolution .002 read.

The bill was passed with no discussion.