Do you need to have you time?

Allison Young , Opinions Editor

Do you find yourself being stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious or having sleepless nights? This could be the result of not having enough ‘you’ time. We all need to make time to take care of ourselves, even if it is hard to fit it into our daily schedules. Things like taking baths, journaling and reading are all things that you can do for yourself.

As college students, we are all jammed packed with different meetings or events and homework. It is essential to make sure to give your brain a break from your crazy day to day life. I know several people that say sleeping with the television on is what helps them get their mind off of their lives, but in all honesty, sleeping with your TV on is very unhealthy for you. It is more distracting for your brain, and studies show that you do not fall into a deep sleep as fast as you could when the TV is on while you’re sleeping. I think that the easiest time for me to decompress is right before I go to bed.

I am not saying that I am amazing at doing this for myself nightly, but when I do find time to focus on myself before bed, even just for 20 minutes, I fall asleep quicker and have a better night’s rest. So, what do I mean when I say take a brain break? I mean putting your cell phone down and telling everyone you’re going to bed, turning your TV off and writing in a journal about your day or reading a book. Not a textbook, but something that you enjoy reading recreationally. The stimulation of electronics actually makes your brain feel like it is more awake than it actually is. Now, there are several times when we are just so burnt out that if we are watching something, we may decide right then and there that it’s time for bed, and that’s okay.

Another thing that I find relaxing and soothing when I am looking for time to decompress is taking a hot bath with essential oils. I am a sucker for a nice bath, but I do not always make the time to do it. Adding essential oils to your bath directly or, having a diffuser going while in the bath can be relaxing and it will help your mind take a break from your hectic day.

Overall, I know that it is easier said than done to make time to relax and focus on yourself, but to be successful, I think it is crucial that we all make time for the things we enjoy that are not just electronically focused. Most of us have a hard time disconnecting from our TVs, phones and other distractions. If you can get in the habit of unplugging and doing things for yourself every night before you go to bed, you will most likely be rewarded with a better night’s sleep and a new, refreshed you!