Council tables discussion on liquor licenses

Erika Ward

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The Macomb City Council Committee of the Whole met Monday to discuss the proposed ordinance to create a Class R plus SS liquor license for Giles & Giles, Inc. and also  Shooters Restaurant Billiards and Gaming.

 One resident in the area had a written complaint about the application for the license.  However, the council focused predominantly on the plan for the development of parking.

 The adequate number of parking spaces is determined after occupancy of the building is decided by the fire department. However, the current owner will not turn possession over to Rob Giles, of Giles & Giles, Inc., until Friday.

 “I did talk to the (fire department) chief, and we’ve already set something up for early next week,” Giles said.  

 Another issue regarding parking is that there is a railroad that is not easily visible. The Council inquired about the use of cement blockades, fencing, reflectors or some other type of blockade to prevent customers from going through the wrong way.

 Giles said the previous use of pine trees created a pleasant aesthetic while creating a barrier. However, that was before the railroad was there.

 “The chemicals that are poured along that kill the weeds, killed all (pine trees),” Giles said.  “I’m willing to work with the city and put whatever we need back there. Of course, dollars and cents are always an important part of a small business in our community.”

 Alderman at Large Dennis Moon inquired about the liquor license as it requests approval to serve alcohol on Sundays.

 “A lot of pool tournaments are set on Sundays,” Giles said.  “I’ve been to several of them from Burlington (Iowa) to Jacksonville (Illinois), so we will utilize that for pool tournaments in the back.”

 The restaurant in the front will still be open. Giles reported that he expects the kitchens in the restaurant to open at 11 a.m. every day and close at midnight.

 Mayor Mike Inman proposed tabling further discussion on the ordinance to the second meeting in May. Giles objected, reporting that he needs the liquor license in order to pursue the other licenses he needs in order to open on schedule by June 1.

 The council voted, and the discussion was tabled.

 Later, the council also discussed the proposed contract with Maurer-Stutz, Inc. for the Candy Lane Roadway Improvement project for $160,000.

 Dean Torreson, the city administrator, described the project plans.

 “This would be Phase One of an engineering study,” Torreson said.  “Phase One is putting together enough of the plan to present to IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) and be a conceptual plan to get the approval of both the city and IDOT.”

 Torreson also said that the reason IDOT is involved is because some of the funds being used are supplied by IDOT.

 Keith Plavee, vice president of Maurer-Stutz, Inc., spoke on behalf of the contract as well.

 “With the sales tax dollars and the way that you’ve gone about obtaining those dollars and using them on projects, it allows you so much more flexibility to keep enough out of the equation, which reduces your engineering costs and you’re able to do things a lot easier,” Plavee said. “As a result with the Phase One, as Dean mentioned, there’s an environmental survey of the wetlands looked at.”

 The Council tabled discussion for this contract and will continue at the meeting next Monday.