Anticipation grows for “Doctor Sleep”

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

As Halloween approaches, more and more people are immersing themselves in the world of horror.

Film companies know this, and there have been many horror movies released within the month before and after Halloween. Last month, “IT: Chapter 2” was released as well as other movies such as “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.” Looking forward to next month, the film “Doctor Sleep” is set to be released on Nov. 8.

“Doctor Sleep” is a sequel to the notorious Stephen King adaptation from 1980, “The Shining.” “The Shining” followed the life of a father, mother and son as they moved to a very remote hotel. The father of the family, Jack Torrence, received a new job attending to the hotel and ski resort while it was closed for the brutal winter months. The family is warned of prior strange occurrences and that the isolation of staying at the resort for months alone could lead to severe mental issues, as seen in prior workers who could not handle it. Jack insists that he can, as this would be a wonderful opportunity for his writing, and alas the family is locked into the resort for the three months. Things do not go as anticipated for the family as Jack begins to go mad, influenced by spirits in the hotel. Though, it is evident that Jack’s son, Danny Torrence, is special. Viewers learn that he has an ability to “shine,” which means that he has the ability to communicate with others who can shine through solely the mind, and also that he can see things that have happened in the past or future.

“Doctor Sleep” follows Danny as an adult. The trailer for this film opens with an adult Danny saying, “When I was a kid there was a place, a dark place,” in reference to the resort. He continues, “they closed it down and let it rot, but the things that lived there, they come back.” It is clear the impact that the traumatic events that took place at the resort had on Danny, as they would on anyone. The trailer shows Danny buying tickets to go somewhere and when the man selling them asks if he is running away from something, Danny replies, “I’m running away from myself I guess.” Though one day while running from himself and trying to manage his life with his traumatic past and his gift to shine, he runs into a young girl at a park. The little girl says to him, “You’re magic, like me.” Danny explains to the young girl that he does not feel it is magic, but that he calls it “the shine.”

Danny and the little girl have found someone like them, who can shine. The trailer soon makes viewers aware of the dangers that come with this rare ability, the people who will seek out and hurt those who shine. These people have noticed the little girl and begin a hunt to find her.

The trailer escalates when viewers realize that Danny plans to return to the resort with this young girl, in an act to save both of their lives. The battle will not be easy and returning to such a terrible place may not be easy either.

As an avid horror movie and Stephen King fan, I am counting down the days until Nov. 8, to see just how Danny’s return to the resort may end.