Fans rejoice over new season of The Flash

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

The episode starts off with Barry and Iris finding out that the Time Vault had been broken into and that Gideon was broken. This erased Nora’s message that she had left for her parents, causing the two feel like they had lost their daughter all over again. The scene ends and the next one starts off with “ FOUR MONTHS LATER” as we see Barry chasing down what appears to be Godspeed. However, after Barry subdues him and tries to interrogate him, all the “Godspeed” can do is screech. It turns out that this wasn’t the first “Godspeed” the gang had caught over the past four months, all of whom haven’t been able to talk.

After Barry comes back in, the entire Team Flash has a BBQ at Joe and Cecil’s house. The meal also serves as a catching up point for us fans. In the last couple of months, Barry has been working more and more, while Iris’s newspaper continues to get bigger. Killer Frost hasn’t been coming out as much for some reason, and Cisco has been working on the MAC, or the Mental Augmented Chamber. The MAC would help the team hack into the speed force, allowing Barry to see all possible outcomes of the future.

The remainder of the episode follows the team as they look to defeat what appears to be black holes that pop up all over town. Iris is able to deduce that the black holes are coming from an eccentric scientist, who when working on a new machine to be able to talk to aliens, accidentally shorts out the brain. The black holes end up being the other half of his conscious. Barry ends up saving the day by going into the next black hole and pulling out the conscious and running back to the scientist’s physical body.

The season looks to be bigger and better than before. The whole gang’s back together, with the exception of Wally, and everyone seems to be enjoying life with the exception of Barry and Iris who are still trying to cope with the loss of Nora. However, throughout the episode, we see an interaction between Caitlin and a friend of hers, Ramsey Rosso. In an attempt to cure himself of cancer, he injects himself with dark matter. We see this injection at the very end, giving the audience a rather massive amount of foreshadowing for the remainder of the season. We also get to see Caitlin and Killer Frost figure out how they are going to live moving forward. All Frost wanted was to be able to live a life, something that is hard to do when living in another’s body. Ralph is able to be a sort of mediator between the two and helps to give Frost the life she wanted. While, that doesn’t meant that Caitlin won’t be living hers anymore, it means that this season viewers should expect to see a lot more Frost.

I’m really looking forward to this season. It looks to be huge and with the crossover episodes of the Arrowverse coming up, expect for Flash to have a major role.