Los Charros makes a splash with grand opening

Tea Wheat , Courier Staff

Last semester, El Rancherito was closed down due to multiple health code violations here in Macomb.

El Rancherito was given multiple opportunities to meet health code standards, but clearly did not do so. This was the second closing of one of the two Mexican restaurants in Macomb within the last couple of years, with Guadalajara being the first. Despite the fact that El Rancherito was closed due to health code violations, people all over Macomb were very sad to see it leave, especially the students at Western who had grown to love it so much.

Over the summer, the site of El Rancherito was purchased by new owners who had the same idea as the previous owners: using the site for a Mexican restaurant. And so, Los Charros was born.

Set into motion over the summer, it was a lot of hard work as the building was transformed. No longer did the building appear like it did even a couple of months before, both inside and out.

Inside the building all the tables, chairs and decorations were torn out. In their place there now are new modern sleek furniture for patrons to sit on and new decorations to look at and take in while eating. The biggest difference inside the restaurant is that the new look has a lot simpler color scheme than El Rancherito had.

The outside itself also got a new makeover. The old rock siding has been replaced with new, bigger siding, giving the building a nice modern look. The Los Charros Facebook page posted images of before and after the renovations, the day of their grand opening.

While El Rancherito may be gone, Los Charros still has the same authenticity. Los Charros still offers customers a good meal while experiencing the same vibe that El Rancherito had. One thing that made the grand opening of Los Charros unique, was that it was a surprise soft opening. Los Charros announced on their Facebook page on Oct. 9, “We are NOW OPEN for business!! Come check us out Macomb!!” This post garnered over 200 shares, and it showed with the number of people that were there on opening night.

The parking lot has been flooded with patrons during lunch hours over the past week as students and residents of Macomb rush in to test out the new location. Los Charros has three other locations open around Illinois in Rushville, Carthage and Aledo.