Don’t hit the panic button yet Bears fans

Brendan Reidy , Courier Staff



The Chicago Bears have not lived up to the Super Bowl hype this season, but it is not time to hit the panic button on the season just yet.

The Bears started off their season with a week one loss against the division rival Packers and put the fans of Chicago into a panic. Most people were worried about the offense not living up to the hype and were even questioning head coach Matt Nagy’s decisions on the field. After week one, the Bears rattled off three straight victories and sat at 3-1, somewhat easing the fans’ frustrations. However, things took a turn for the worst when the team flew to London to take on the Oakland Raiders. The Bears lost a game they should have won, and the fans were sent back into panic mode. There were lots of places where the finger could have been pointed as to who was to blame, but most blamed it on Nagy. He opted to travel on Thursday for the Sunday game instead of leaving Monday like the Raiders did. Throughout the whole game, the Bears were being dominated on both sides of the lines, and they looked like a completely different team. Blame was also on backup quarterback Chase Daniel. Daniel received high praise the previous week as he took down the Minnesota Vikings for the injured Mitchell Trubisky. People were even saying he should be the every game starter for Chicago. However, he came back down to Earth and lost to the Raiders.

The bye week for the Bears could not have come at a better time. The Bears are dealing with plenty of notable injuries, and it is important for them to get healthy and return to the field. Trubisky is expected to return after the bye, and same for starting defensive tackle Bilal Nichols. However, the team will be without their star defensive tackle Akiem Hicks for eight weeks with an elbow injury. The team also lost starting right guard Kyle Long for the season, but some may say that loss was more positive because he was struggling all season in the trenches.

The Bears return from the bye to play against the Saints at home in a critical matchup. The game will feature Trubisky returning from injury, and all eyes will be on his progress. The reason most people are panicking about this Bears team starts with him. He has not lived up to the year three expectations, and people are tired of hearing the, “Oh, why did we take Trubisky over Mahomes and Watson.” Trubisky has to play well for the rest of the season for Bears fans to regain confidence in the former number two overall pick, and it all starts this weekend.

The Bears are facing a big stretch coming off the bye. After the Saints, they play the Chargers at home, then travel to Philly to take on the Eagles and then host the Detroit Lions. The Bears must win at least two of these games if they want to stay relevant in the playoff push. However, the next two games are extremely critical. They must at least walk away with one win against the Saints and Chargers. Both teams are banged up, and the Bears desperately need a win to strengthen their playoff hopes. I am fairly confident Chicago will indeed win at least one, and maybe even both, but these wins will be critical down the stretch in the very competitive NFC.

It’s not time for Bears fans to panic just yet. They will find ways to win under Nagy, who has never lost a game by more than seven points in his head coaching career, and for the quarterback position, Trubisky will figure it out. We saw it a season ago when he got better every week. If the defense continues to dominate, anything can happen. Defense wins championships, right? Don’t panic just yet.