Delta Upsilon sets up their “House of Terror”


Sara Remar/ Assistant Photo Editor

Delta Upsilon fraternity will be hosting their haunted house and haunted trail starting Saturday.

Tea Wheat , Courier Staff

It is a spooky season and, as such, Halloween/fall activities are in full swing. One of the more popular activities during this time of the year are haunted houses. Luckily for students on campus, there is one being put on and for a good cause.

Each year, Delta Upsilon fraternity puts on a haunted house and trail called Night of Terror. This year the trail takes place this Friday and Saturday, the 18th and 19th. The event takes place at the Delta Upsilon house and in the woods behind their house. Their house’s address is 620 West Elting Street. However, you don’t have to be into haunted houses to attend. You can either just make a donation or you can show up and make some s’mores at their house. The organization with the most attendance between the two days will receive a painted paddle.

The proceeds from the trail go to Delta Upsilon’s International philanthropy, the Global Service Initiative, or GSI. GSI is a service trip that members of Delta Upsilon can sign up to attend. This service trip gives members the opportunity to go down to Negril, Jamaica for a whole week and serve the community down there. In the past, they have built schools, houses and churches for the local community. The rest of the proceeds go toward helping pay for some of the costs to attend this service trip, and the other half goes to helping pay for resources and materials for members to use once down there.

Last year was the first year that the haunted trail included the house. It featured a clown room, hospital room, a room with the devil inside the house and then a trail that featured a campfire gone wrong, a gilly man and a haunted clearing. This year, however, there will be some shakeup.

“This year we decided to cut out a new path for the trail outside,” Delta Upsilon member and lead trail designer, Zac Bischoff said. “We are hoping that by doing so, it will help to add some variety and excitement from last year’s trail.”

The haunted house and trail brought in around 300 people. This led to the fraternity raising over $800 to send to GSI. The goal this year: $850.

“We were really pleased with how last year’s trail turned out,” said Chris Gibson, the chapter’s VP of Finance and member in charge of the trail this year. “But, we know that we can do better this year. We wanted to set a goal that was attainable and last year really helped to show us what the benchmark can be.”

Tickets for the trail are only $2 a ticket up until the door. The price of tickets will then increase to $4 a ticket. Tickets can be purchased from a Delta Upsilon member, either around campus or at their house. If there are any questions, you should either ask a Delta Upsilon member or more specific questions can be directed to Chris Gibson.

“We hope that people come out and have a good time,” Gibson said. “While we want to raise money for our philanthropy, we are dedicated to bringing the best haunted house experience to Western and its students.”