Student Development and Success Center prioritizes students well-being

Rachel Greene, edge editor

There are many offices on campus that are often overlooked or forgotten about as the school year progresses.

The Student Development and Success Center at Western Illinois University is one of these offices. It houses many resources and functions that not many students know about. These resources, while underutilized, can really help both undergraduate and graduate students excel in their time here at school.

The Student Development and Success Center (SDSC), formerly known as the Student Development Office, assists students through their critical transitional periods from high school, community college or from another university. The office focuses mainly on academic and personal development, but it does this in a number of unique ways that cannot be found elsewhere on campus. Their developmental approach emphasizes personal responsibility and helping students learn to help themselves, preaching accountability and growth rather than acceptance of circumstances. Housed on the first floor of Memorial Hall (Room 125), the office is open to any and all students. It is always better to be proactive, so even if you are not struggling, you can expose yourself to resources to help yourself stay successful.

The office consists of services such as academic success and personal development, emergency and crisis follow-up assistance, student absence liaisons, exit interviews/total university withdrawal and referral services. Along with these, the office also runs and supports the Interpersonal Violence Prevention Committee, an organization aimed at reducing incidents of assaults and stalking on campus. The office is unique in the fact that they work so closely with students who are withdrawing or leaving the university. Because of this, they are even better equipped to help retain and support those students who are at risk for withdrawal or failure at the university. They get to see and hear first-hand accounts of why students felt they could no longer succeed here. They also offer many more services for current students and their family members. Calendars, events and services can be found on the SDSC section of Western Illinois University’s website.

The SDSC contributes to helping students succeed no matter what. This office recognizes that no two students are the same and that some students achieve success using different resources and methods than others. Regardless of the situation, this office strives to help each individual student find the resources, skills and support necessary to thrive in their college careers. This center provides a valuable resource that not every campus offers and does so at no additional cost to students.

If you are struggling, know someone who is struggling or just want to take advantage of a supportive and useful resource on campus; you should consider stopping by the SDSC. These resources are here waiting for you, but only if you take advantage of them.