Wendy’s expands its focus beyond food

Evan Williamson, Courier Staff

I mentioned a couple weeks ago how you should embrace your inner nerd and recognize how Dungeons and Dragons has gotten more popular. Well, about two weeks ago, the fast food restaurant Wendy’s released Feast of Legends, a role-playing game based off of DND.

I’ll tell you, looking through the gamebook that they posted online and seeing some of the cast of Critical Role play through, it was amazing (though the episode has since been taken down due to the perpetually offended). If you ever want to be put in a good mood, look through this game guide. With the puns and the shade, I mean, if you thought Wendy’s Twitter game was on point, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Check out this intro from the gamebook: “You are adventurers in the realm of Beef’s Keep, where nations have splintered over major disagreements in how to treat the realm’s people. Creepingvale and the United Clown Nations have led their people into a collective darkness known as The Deep Freeze. While the world currently feels like a cold desolate place, you reside in the one nation that remains a beacon of hope: Freshtopia.”

The queen of Freshtopia is a redhead named Queen Wendy who looks awesome. I assume that Creepingvale is based on Burger King because “The Creepy King With the Paper Crown” resides there, and obviously the United Clown Nation is McDonalds with the evil Ice Jester. Based on the map in the guide, I can guess a few other Easter eggs. You have “The Box” (I assume it’s Jack in the Box), “Lake John Silver” (I assume Long John Silvers), “Temple of Panda” (I assume Panda Express) and “Twin Cities of Carl” (they are shaped like stars so obviously it’s Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr). Whoever came up with this is a creative genius with all the lore that can take the game beyond the first five levels, and it gets better. In DND, there are races and classes. In this game, it doesn’t look like race is mentioned, but you could add that element in or guess based on what their skills are. There are a bunch of clever options to choose from; you have those that trained in the Art of the Chicken being a part of different Order of the Chicken which is the main group that includes different Orders of a variety of chicken sandwiches, clubs, chicken nuggets etc. each order having their own unique abilities. The Art of The Beef is practiced by the Order of the Beef which includes the Orders of the Baconator and other specialty burgers that are on Wendy’s menu. Last but not least, you have those who are trained in the Art of the Sides. The Orders of the Sides are your Frosty’s, French fries, chili, etc.

I don’t know if this is going to make more people want to go to Wendy’s or not, but it sure is entertaining as it doesn’t take itself seriously, I mean they allowed Sam Riegle to be the Game Master for the preview game and it was hilarious. If you can somehow find the Feast of Legends one-shot through other channels, watch it for a good time. I encourage everyone to take a look at the Game Guide for Feast of Legends at feastoflegends.co