Big impact games determines teams fate for CFP

Christopher Gibson, Courier Staff

Week six of the college football season saw some real head turners that put some programs on the map and forced others off. Let’s take a look at a few of the games that had the biggest impact.

The game that had the biggest impact was the Auburn versus Florida. We had the opportunity to watch two top 10 programs in the SEC and the game lived up to the hype. Going into the game, there were a lot of questions as to whether or not Florida would be able to keep up with Auburn and nobody took them seriously. Well, Florida didn’t really like that. They started the game out strong, scoring less than two minutes into the game off of a 64-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Kyle Trask and never really looked back. They ended the game with 398 total yards, with 132 yards on the ground. Florida won 24-13.

Another game that had major implications for later on down the road, was the Michigan versus Iowa game. Last week, I talked about how Iowa could be a dangerous, sneaky team that could find their way into the college football playoff, but they need to take care of business. Well, they didn’t. Even though Michigan isn’t in the Big Ten West, it’s hard for any team to make the CFP with even a single loss. The game was all Michigan in the first quarter, with Iowa falling behind 10-0. Iowa managed to narrow that deficit a little by making a 22-yard field goal in the second quarter, but that ended up being the closest the Hawkeyes got to Michigan. The second half saw no scoring, only strong defensive showings from both teams. However, Iowa had the ball with less than two minutes left in the game and needed a touchdown to tie it up. They couldn’t do much, only managing to muster 12 yards of offense, but ultimately not enough to tie the game. Michigan won 10-3.

This next game doesn’t necessarily have major implications for the CFP but was a game that not very many people expected the outcome of Stanford versus Washington. Washington was ranked No. 15 in the nation going into the game but won’t be coming out of it. With Stanford’s season below 0.500, the Cardinals were unlikely to make any major bowl games, even with the potential of not making one at all. However, Stanford came out to impress. They had 482 total yards, with one touchdown coming through the air and another coming on the ground. Stanford ended the first quarter down 7-3 but would lead the remainder of the game. After taking a 20-13 lead, the Cardinals were able to secure the victory with an interception late in the game. Stanford won 23-13.

Florida winning against Auburn showed the world that Florida is for real. They managed to beat a team that people were saying might have the opportunity to make their way into the CFP, although they had major games they needed to win. But no one was talking about Florida and their chances. People were talking about how Florida was a good team and with some luck, might be able to find themselves playing on New Year’s Day, but not in the CFP. Maybe it’s because Florida is always a program that, year-in and year-out, always has the talent, but never does anything with it. They always seem to fizzle out after a game or two in the SEC conference part of their schedule. While that could still happen, with their game against Auburn being their first conference game, Florida doesn’t look like that team this year. They look to be legit and have already taken the first step toward proving that. Yet, they still have a long way to go before they can believe they can make the CFP, with games against LSU and Georgia still left to play.

Iowa losing to Michigan was a heartbreaker. Now, I am not a Hawkeye fan. I’m actually an Illini fan (but they never do much anymore), but seeing Iowa lose on Saturday hurt me. I really liked their chances of sneaking their way into the CFP, even if they had to get lucky to make it. This game against Michigan was going to be an easy win, especially after Michigan just got steamrolled by Wisconsin the week before.

Iowa just didn’t show up offensively. Defensively they showed up, even if they allowed more points than they scored. However, Iowa will still be a contender in the Big Ten West. I really only see that side of the Big Ten coming down to Wisconsin and Iowa. At the end of the day, Iowa can still win that game. But, there’s no way they crack into the top four anymore.