Hannah Brown dances to the top

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

Brown is 24 years-old, Alabama born and raised, where she even attended the University of Alabama and soon made way to becoming Miss Alabama in 2018. Brown then continued in her pageant pursuits, and competed for Miss USA 2018, and while she did not place in Miss USE 2018, her platform of Mental Health Awareness is nothing but admirable.

Shortly after her experience with Miss USA 2018, Brown made her debut on the Bachelor on Colton’s season (2018), where she made it to the final seven girls, before ultimately being blind-sided and having her heart broken. Nonetheless, Brown persisted as she accepted the invitation from Chris Harrison to be the next Bachelorette. In the Summer of 2019, Brown’s season of the Bachelorette began, and seemed to end just as quick. Unfortunately, Brown did not find love on her season, but again this did not stop her. Later that same summer Bachelor nation was excited to see Brown again on Bachelor in Paradise, where she made a guest appearance.

This fall, Brown can be found dancing her way to the top on Dancing with the Stars. Brown is the second woman in Dancing with the Stars history to compete from The Bachelorette. On the show, Brown is partnered with professional dancer Alan Bersten. Bersten has been dancing since the age of seven and has previously been on the FOX television show So You Think You Can Dance, where he was a top 6 finalist on the series. In addition to thas also been a mentor on the series Dancing with the Stars: Juniors. Bersten has been on three seasons of Dancing with the Stars, prior to this season.

Brown and Bersten are outstanding partners on Dancing with the Stars and have exceptional chemistry and fluidity when on the stage. Their performance of the Viennese Waltz on week two, to Taylor Swifts “Lover”, was enchanting to say the least. “You whisked me away into another world only with the movement, which is so amazing because that tells me you are telling the story completely with your body. You finished every single move, your extensions were just ridiculously good. Were you holding out on us last week?” judge Carrie Ann Inaba said, in reference to this second performance. Overall on week two, Brown and Bersten earned the highest score of the night with a 24 out of 30, which also placed them highest overall for the competition with a 44 out of 60. This past week, Brown and Bersten earned a 21 out of 30 on their Rumba to Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On”.

I personally love watching Brown’s dances, as they are always appealing and fun. You can find them online or you can tune in to Dancing with the Stars on ABC Monday nights at 7 pm to keep up with Brown’s continued journey!