Lotz Property Management buildings experience power outages


Sara Remar/ Assistant Photo Editor

Lotz Properties Management works through issues with lenders after power outage occurred last week.

Devon Greene , editor-in-chief

Renters from Lotz Property Management had their power shut off last Tuesday after a letter was sent out a couple weeks prior, notifying tenants that their rent would be paid to United Community Bank at the start of October.

“We understand that you have received a letter from an attorney representing one of our financial institutions. In simpler terms, you are not being evicted. All rents and balances due to Lotz Property Management for occupancy prior to Sept. 30, 2019 are still due to Lotz Property Management. We will still be located at 199 N. Campbell St. All rent from Oct. 1, 2019 occupancy are to be paid to United Community Bank. Please contact the bank to make arrangements with them for your rent and any other issues you may have with your home. The bank’s number is 309-333-5828. If your rent is set up to be automatically paid through Appfolio, please cancel this immediately. Your Appfolio portals will be discontinued or shut down as of 5 p.m. on Sept. 30. This was a difficult decision for us and not easily made. All of us at Lotz Property Management appreciate the confidence you have shown us during your residency. Best wishes to all of you and if we can ever help you with your housing needs, please contact us.”

Spencer Foust was affected by the power outage that occurred overnight at his North Lafayette residence.

“It was anywhere between 3 a.m. and 8 a.m. is when it started and then it ended somewhere around 5 p.m.,” Foust said. “Some of my groceries spoiled, most of my dairy products and things like that. But most of it held up pretty well. That was my main concern. I tried going to some of the neighbors to see if I could put some of my stuff in their fridge but from being 9-5, all the people are out at work, so nobody was available.”

Foust said that he heard that other Lotz owned properties had lost gas and hot water on Tuesday as well but also said that his house was one that was unaffected. However, he had to light the stove with a match to get it going.

“The lack of electricity personally affected me because I work from home,” Foust said. “I’m a journalist and I do a lot of my articles and interviews from home.”

Foust said that the letter he was sent two weeks ago had no mention of the power or gas being shut off.

Homes were not the only thing affected by the shutdown as the Macomb Drivers Services office power was shut down on Tuesday as well. The Illinois Secretary of State released a statement on Facebook saying that the office was to be closed for the day and they hoped to be back open on Wednesday.

The Western Courier reached out to Lotz Property Management and received a statement from their attorney, Tom Avery, on Friday.

“It has been incorrectly reported that Lotz Properties has gone bankrupt. That is not correct,” the statement said. “Lotz Properties is working through issues with one of its lenders which affects only a portion of its rental portfolio and overall business. The remainder of the portfolio is not affected by these issues. Lotz Properties looks forward to resolving these issues and will continue to serve the Macomb area. The Animal Medical Center of Macomb, located at 823 E. Jackson St. remains open and is operating normally. It is not involved in the issues relating to Lotz Properties.”

Prior to this letter, The Western Courier reached out to Lotz Property Management last Tuesday and was unable to receive a comment.

Lotz owns over 40 locations in Macomb and it is unclear which of those will be affected by Lotz’s problems with its lender.