The perks of traveling around the world

Allison Young , Opinions Editor

As someone who has multiple trips coming up in the next year, all I can think about is how many different places I would love to travel to. But, since I am a broke college student, I cannot afford to travel unless I save every dime I have and eat only one meal a day.

It is unfortunate how much it can cost to travel outside of the country, or even domestically. With all of the costs that are involved, it seems like I will be waiting forever to travel the world. While I am patiently waiting for these opportunities to arise, I do realize that traveling to different places, whether it be in the U.S. or another country, has its benefits.

One of the benefits of traveling domestically is that there is so much history that most people are not even aware of. Almost anywhere you go in the United States, you can find a historical landmark or a museum. Cities such as Washington D.C., Gettysburg, Pa., Chicago, Philadelphia and New York are all amazing places to visit with so much history behind them.

Another benefit of traveling in the United States is that you get to get out of your typical environment. Going to places like California, Colorado or Texas are all going to give you a different environment. You can see the ocean, mountains, desert or forest areas all in different states.

If you travel abroad, you can gain some cool experience as well. There are so many commercialized places that people travel to all of the time outside of the U.S., but imagine how much more world is out there to be seen. Of course, it is cool to visit places like London, Conzumel, Rome and Amsterdam, but there is so much more to do in places that aren’t as common but still have so much to offer. Sometimes, it can be cheaper to travel to places that are not common travel destinations because they are not looking for that tourist revenue. I recently had a friend travel to Croatia and I had never really heard of the country, but when she was posting pictures and videos during her vacation, it made me really want to start traveling to places outside of the norm.

The thing that I think people can take away the most from traveling abroad is experiencing a different culture. In the U.S., we live in a little bubble where we do not know anything but the American culture. If you travel to places like Africa or India, you are going to find that people do things way different than what we do here in the U.S. You are going to find some poverty and it might be a shock to some, but, I think that it is important that people get to experience this because it makes us well-rounded people.

While I do dream of traveling all over the world, I know that it is awfully hard to do. When it comes down to flights, places to stay, food and other expenses, it can be very expensive. Regardless, I am the one who is going to take every opportunity possible to travel to different places around the world. It is going to take some time to be able to financially support myself, but I am willing to take risks and gain experiences from traveling.