A new era of “Scream”

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

It’s getting to be spooky season and what better way to get into the swing of things than by watching some horror TV? Scream, the MTV original show, just released the third season.

This time around, the show follows a new set of characters. The season follows Deion Elliot as he tries to run away from and defeat Ghostface. The season starts off on Halloween night in 2010, when Deion and his twin brother Marcus are out trick or treating. The pair accidentally run into Hook Man, a local legend who murders kids with his large hook, but Deion didn’t believe that this legend was real. Deion decides to run away, while Marcus makes a distraction for him, but he is never heard from again. This night haunts Deion, all the way to his high school days.

Fast forward eight years later, and Deion is now a star football player and has a scout coming to his next game. However, things don’t go as planned as he starts to receive mysterious messages, alluding to that night in 2010. These messages all lead him to Ghostface. Deion enlists the help of some classmates who end up becoming friends after serving detention together, to try and take down Ghostface. These unlikely friends are coined “The Breakfast Club” by the teacher running detention. Olivia, a new girl who just moved to town, a good student and a cheerleader; Kym, an activist who tries to do good whenever and wherever she can; Manny, Kym’s gay best friend; Beth, a gothic horror-loving girl; and Amir, a talented musician. We watch as the six of them try and take down Ghostface, through every twist, turn and death.

The previous two seasons followed high schooler Audrey, as she was also targeted by Ghostface. Audrey, with the help of some friends, worked over the two seasons to find out who Ghostface was and how to defeat them, before being murdered themselves. I enjoyed the first two seasons just as much as the third season, if not more. Though, the third season is in no way related to the first season, so if you are looking for less of a time commitment and just as much horror, then watching the third season may be right for you.

If you like big twists, then Scream will be perfect for you, no matter what season you watch. Every time I thought I had figured out who Ghostface was, or what was going to happen next, something came out of nowhere to lead me astray. The plot itself also was enthralling that I didn’t want to stop watching. At the end of every episode, I was amazed by how quickly the episodes passed. One thing is for sure, Scream is an extremely binge-worthy show and can be found on Netflix to make the process even easier. So, if you enjoy horror and suspense, and a bit of comedy thrown into the mix, I highly recommend watching, especially as we start to head toward Halloween.