A Western Illinois University refresh is long overdue

Jimmy Pierson, Courier Staff

I’m guessing that almost all of you have not even realized that our school, Western Illinois University, has changed its tagline. But in reality, our tagline has changed before your eyes.

If you go onto our Western Illinois University website, www. wiu.edu, and see what is in the top left corner of the screen, just under from where you see our schools purple “W”, our mission statement is stated: “You’re potential, our purpose.”

But, wait that was not there when I started at this school this semester? Yet, it is there it is. This is one of the many few changes that have recently happened and have become part of the new slowly changing Western Illinois University’s marketing transformations. Another recent change includes dropping the Western Illinois lettering from our Rocky’s logo to give full emphasis to our mascot moving forward.

This refreshing of our school’s brand is a process that is not going to happen overnight. It is something that is going to be accomplished for the past few years is something. This leads to the question of why are we changing? What is the purpose? Why now?

Recently, stories and rumors of gun violence, fighting, sexual assaults, vandalism, heavy arrest and judicial board referral counts because of drugs and alcohol in and around campus, administration misconduct, the mass termination of Western Illinois University staff and faculty, and the removal of course majors and courses have been littered within the conversations ranging from students all the way into the outside world over the past few years. Not one of these actions or events is something to be proud of, or even something administrations wants to be talked about, but we need to if we want to see change. We need to change these conversations of gossiping and complaining about all the negatives and change them into points that we can expand on and improve.

Now, a few days over our school’s one hundred and twentieth anniversary of opening their doors, over three years of continuous enrollment decline and leading in the second decade of two-thousands, Western Illinois University is finishing changing these conversations. The realization for the need is now at the forefront. This need is to change the image of our school’s reputation is here. We need to stop highlighting the horrors of the past and move into the future of our university with a brighter sense of character and purpose.

This leads us back to our questions from earlier. Why are we changing? Because there has been an ever growing need to for the last few years. What is the purpose? It is for Western Illinois University to refresh their brand image for the students, community, and farther. Why now? Because this is overdue.

We need to embrace our refresh with the ‘potential’ of positive results in the future. It is our ‘purpose’ as a student. I am ready, are you?