Stop laughing at the Kardashians

Samuel Ogali , Courier Staff

Last Sunday at the Emmys, both Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner were presenting the next award and as they were speaking, the audience noticeably laughed at them.

While the Kardashians have partaken in obnoxious and unbearable actions throughout the years, somehow this family always ends up getting the last laugh. The Kardashian-Jenner family, within a decade, have turned a typical reality TV show into a collective billion-dollar empire. Love them or hate them, this family has had a major impact on American culture.

I understand why it’s easy to dislike the Kardashians and I wouldn’t be surprised if people are rolling their eyes as their reading this; they’ve appropriated other cultures and are constantly embroiled in controversy, often started by themselves. But you’ve got to ask yourself, how have they stayed relevant and amassed so much influence? It’s because of their marketing geniuses; the Kardashians have shown things that we all want as a society but don’t admit: money, attention, fame and, most importantly, good looks. I’m not saying I approve or even like this tactic that the Kardashians have used for so long, but it’s the reason they are who they are, and deep down inside from the average person to actors in Hollywood, we resent them, yet we still consume their content because it represents the things that society really wants.

Even though this family isn’t known for a specific talent, the constant exposure of their personal lives has opened conversations on real life issues that average people are facing. From interracial marriages to plastic surgery, infidelity, and even gender transitioning, this family’s life is turbulent in a way that makes us feel normal and like we know so much about them because they’ve been so open. Once you let people into your personal life, it’s really hard for them to not pay attention to you.

In all honesty, this family is an example of how ambition or any idea can be achieved through a strategy and hard work. Kylie Jenner’s self-produced lipstick business eventually became a billion-dollar entity in a few short years and Kim Kardashian’s efforts to meet with President Trump even led to a black woman named Alice Johnson, who served a lifetime sentence for a non-violent drug offense, to be freed from prison. To show that she’s serious about criminal justice reform, Kim’s even studying to become a lawyer. If that doesn’t say determination, then you’re not being fair.

I used to perceive the Kardashian-Jenner family as pretentious, stuck-up, Beverly Hills white people who only cared about themselves, and part of me still does. But, you can’t deny the hard work and discipline this family has done to get to where they are and instead of ridiculing and laughing at them, we actually can learn a lot from this family.