Lin/Wash/Grote throws new capstone

Tea Wheat , Courier Staff

This week Lincoln, Washington and Grote halls (LWG) debuted their new capstone- Rocky’s Escape Challenge. Rocky’s Escape Challenge took place from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., and was enjoyed by many students, on Sept. 24.

LWG’s previous capstone event was the Warrior Dog Dash, which took place outside of Lincoln and Washington halls. The Warrior Dog Dash was an obstacle course that anyone could participate in, and gift cards were awarded those with the fastest times. Proceeds from the Warrior Dog Dash went to the Warrior Dog Foundation, which helps to rehabilitate all canines that have been wounded in active service.

The creation and idea of Rocky’s Escape Challenge began with LWG’s Hall Government two years ago.

“For two years the Linc/Wash/Grote Hall Government created and executed an Escape the Hall event, which many enjoyed but desired something that was more of an escape room atmosphere rather than a murder mystery case to solve.” Complex Director Dakota Fields said.

From there, it was decided that it would be appropriate for a new capstone for LWG to be considered, and soon it was decided that Rocky’s Escape Challenge would be the Complex’s new capstone event.

Fields took this challenge on head first and put in extensive work and research to make Rocky’s Escape Challenge a success. “I took the information from the successful Escape the Hall event, looked into the cost and logistics of creating our own escape rooms, and made it happen!” Fields told me. Rocky’s Escape Challenge consisted of 13 rooms in total, with three themes. There was a zombie room, disappearance room and a rebellion room. These rooms, housed in Seal Hall, hosted over 300 individuals.

The grand prize for the fastest finishing teams in all three rooms, will have their choice of a movie at Rialto Cinemas and small concessions or to go bowling at Digger’s College City Bowling and have pizza. Additionally, everyone that attended the capstone event was entered a raffle for gift cards. The grand prize winners and raffle winners have yet to be determined but will be notified soon.

Rocky’s Escape Challenge was immensely successful, with a line forming even before the event itself had begun at 6:00 p.m., and lasting all the way until the last group was taken in to the escape room experience around 9:15 p.m. While there was a long wait to get into the rooms, once groups were inside, they were completely immersed in the escape room experience, working with their teammates to solve the escape room andhoping to be the fastest team out of their themed room!