Suspect in custody after aggravated battery at Walmart


Devon Greene/ Editor-in-chief

Macomb Police responded to an emergency call at Walmart in Macomb to reports of a man wiedling a knife at an employee early Thursday morning.

Devon Greene , editor-in-chief

An employee at Walmart on 1730 E Jackson St. was taken to McDonough County District Hospital after receiving multiple cuts and bruises on his body on Thursday morning.

The altercation occurred between an employee and Macomb resident, Duane Gosa, after the two met in the restroom. The Walmart employee exited the restroom and soon after, Gosa followed. Gosa then approached the employee again, this time wielding a knife.

According to witnesses on the scene and Walmart video, Gosa approached the employee with the knife, tackled him to the ground and tried to slash the employee. The employee fought off Gosa and was able to knock the knife away as they continued to struggle on the ground. As the two fought, a female employee stepped on the knife and scooted it away while contacting police.

Police were dispatched to Walmart at 8:08 a.m on Thursday morning where they apprehended Gosa at the service desk after a short struggle with the first responders. After they took Gosa into custody, police blocked off the area with shopping carts while they gathered evidence and photographed the crime scene but did not close Walmart down.

Gosa has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault and other charges may be pending, according to the Macomb Police Department.

The Western Courier reached out to a Walmart employee, but they were unable to talk.