Seinfeld’s Final Bow

Christopher Gibson, Courier Staff

Every good thing must come to an end. It was announced Saturday that the sitcom Seinfeld, will no longer being airing on TBS.

Seinfeld is a sitcom following the life of comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Throughout the show, the audience is introduced to Jerry’s friends: George, a bald man who works multiple jobs throughout the show and Jerry’s best friend; Elaine who Jerry dates at the beginning of the show, but their romantic relationship doesn’t work and the pair end up being friends for the rest of the show; and Jerry’s next-door neighbor, Kramer, who is an eccentric man who is constantly barging into Jerry’s apartment and is always getting into odd situations. These four consist of the core nucleus of the show.

The friends constantly find themselves in situations that odd, embarrassing, and everything in between. Some of the more famous episodes of the show are “Festivus” and the “Soup Nazi.” During Festivus, it is revealed that George’s father made up a new holiday when George was a kid. Instead of celebrating Christmas his family celebrated Festivus, a holiday that opposes Christmas due to the materiality of it, as well as George’s father being cheap. The gang ends up celebrating this holiday one Christmas season after Kramer becomes very intrigued in it once George tells him

about it.

The Soup Nazi episode is a Seinfeld classic. Kramer tells the others about this great new soup place, and they decide to go check it out. Before they order, Jerry warns George and Elaine about the “Soup Nazi”, who is the owner of the soup shop. He is called this due to his nature and strict behavior that he commands in his shop. George ends up complaining about not getting some bread with his soup and continues to say something, causing the “Soup Nazi” to scream, “No soup for you” and take back George’s meal. Later on, Elaine ends up not listening to Jerry’s earlier advice and gets banned for a year. While trying to order soup, Elaine’s armoire was stolen and Kramer, who has befriended the “Soup Nazi”, is able to get a replacement from him. Inside are his recipes for his soup, which Elaine uses to destroy the “Soup Nazi” and his business.

The show, which concluded back in May of 1998, had its rights sold earlier Saturday to the cable station Viacom. This news comes days after Netflix managed to get the streaming rights to the series, snatching it away from Hulu, who currently has streaming rights. The show will start playing episodes on Viacom in October of 2021.

Seinfeld will always be special to me. I remember watching episodes with my dad as we waited for dinner to finish getting ready most nights. And while I never really understood the jokes that were being made until I grew up, I could just feel something special about the show. I could never put my finger on it, but I just knew that this show was different.

Now I can tell what was so special about the legendary sitcom. The show has so many realistic situations, heck even situations that are exaggerated but the lei person could see it happening, throughout the show that you can’t help but think it’s your life its following. That is something that is hard to find nowadays. Now when you put on a sitcom, it’s all very dramatic and elaborate, whereas Seinfeld was always simple and easy to understand.

There will never be another Seinfeld and it’s a shame that the show’s rights were sold to a lesser cable channel, but the show will always live on. If you haven’t seen the show, please do and while it’s

on TBS.