Is Pokémon heading in a different direction?

Evan Williamson, Courier Staff

When a “Generation” of Pokémon ends rumors about Ash Ketchum’s place in the anime series are put into question at least the last few times. I genuinely fear that this might be the end of our favorite trainer as far as him being the main character.

Last week in an episode of the anime aired in Japan (yet to be dubbed) Ash finally won a Pokémon League (even though the setup was different, and he has won the Orange League and Battle Frontier).

A lot of fans rejoiced for the event that should have happened like three generations ago in the Diamond and Pearl series where he was at top form. So, what does this mean is Ash now a Pokémon Master, technically no but will that matter to the creators we will see. Rumors of changes like I said happen every time a generation ends at least since the ending of Generation four (Diamond and Pearl). It kind of did because someone thought it was a good idea to make Pokémon Black and White a reboot but not a reboot.

The Black and White series (known as Best Wishes in Japan) is universally known as the worst series of Pokémon. They attempted to bring others in by treating Ash as still being ten years old and making him do the stupid things he did when he first started even somethings he wasn’t even dumb enough to do back then. Pikachu loses to a level five Snivy (Though he was sick at the time). Brock is no longer there, running gags erased, Ash is no longer a mentor to the next up and coming trainer and Team Rocket changed as well. The Team Rocket change was a bit interesting as it was different, but a lot of the changes disappeared because of the Tsunami and Earthquake that resulted in a major arc being skipped and never mentioned again. It was just so bad eventually towards the end of the series Ash returned to form as they started to acknowledge all that he previously did and the return of Charizard reestablished him as being strong.

The Best Wishes series almost ruined Pokémon for me. The next series everyone was back to form until the current series which went a completely different direction as far as what the objective is (though based on Ash winning a Pokémon League they must have gone back to the original format a bit). Previews for the next series have already been shown featuring the starters from all the regions bringing people to believe that this will be another format change and perhaps the end of Ash’s journey as we know it. This has happened frequently as they like to keep fans guessing before revealing Ash closer to the premier.

Fans have been wondering if the new show will be based on the last couple of Pokémon movies which have been remade completely changing the story of Ash which I hated, why they never had movies connected to the current series I have no idea. Pikachu is obviously the star of the show so if I had to guess I would say Ash will be involved in some way shape or form.

More information is set to be revealed at the end of the month as this generation of Pokémon winds down. Generation 8 is set to begin in mid-November.