The Jonas Brothers are “Burnin’ Up” America

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

On Saturday, Sept. 14, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins Tour in St. Louis, MO. The concert took place in the St. Louis Enterprise Center and started at approximately 7:30 p.m.

The Happiness Begins tour had two opening acts, Bebe Rexha and Jordan McGraw. McGraw is an upcoming singer/songwriter. While McGraw is the son of the television personality Dr. Phil, he has worked very hard to make a name separate from that of his fathers. His performance was engaging, fun and provocative at times, and overall McGraw was a great entertainer. Next to the stage was Bebe Rexha had a captivating performance that ended with her pulling two lucky fans to the stage. After two talented opening acts and partying with the DJ, it was soon time for the dynamic band to take stage.

A video played on the panoramic screens lining the stage, showing the brothers as kids and then as adults. Before long, the Jonas Brothers descended from high above the stage on a platform, getting the show rolling from the start with a song off the new album, titled “Rollercoaster.” Nick, Joe and Kevin were all wearing matching brightly-colored suits, in orange, blue and green. The energy both on and off the stage was infectious, and everyone in the arena was overjoyed with nostalgia and happiness that their childhood dreams of a Jonas Brothers reunion and tour finally came true.

The show was full of old and new music from the Jonas Brothers and included singles from the time that the Jonas Brothers were split such as “Jealous” by Nick Jonas. Arguably one of the most impactful moments was when the Jonas Brothers slowed it down and took to the back stage for slower songs, and then some of their much older songs that only the “OGs” would remember. The entire arena was lit up by phone flashlights and light sticks as the song “Hesitate” rang through the air. Fans were on their feet all night long, dancing and singing to their hearts content as they experienced the way the Jonas Brothers roll when on tour.

The show was full of constant surprises for fans, such as videos that added to the concert experience and platforms that both descended from the sky and rose up from the ground. There were also lots of fireworks, air-dancers, paper confetti and last but not least, fire (yes, real fire). During the second to last encore song, “Burnin’ Up,” fire erupted from beneath the stage, flying high into the air. This was one of my favorite concert moments and is right up there with Taylor Swift’s “Fearless” tour when she sang in the rain.

The Happiness Begins tour has received nothing but praise and high reviews from critics and fans alike. While the concert itself is a party, the story behind the Jonas Brothers’ break-up and reunion drives the tour home to the core. This concert experience was one of the best that I have ever had, from the ease of entering the Enterprise Center all the way to the heart that each performer left on the stage. It is needless to say that I wouldn’t hesitate to go to another Jonas Brothers concert.