Brady continues to define all odds

Michael Harms , Courier Staff

The master of them all is going up against all his apprentices. Well, sort of. In the NFL, Tom Brady is the best player. He is the mythical figure that appears as nothing special, but once in action, his skill is a marvelous sight that takes down all of the competition. But the 42-year-old QB has young wolves chomping at his heels.

The MVP of last year’s season was only 10 years old when Brady won his first Super Bowl. Now, Patrick Mahomes is leading the new wave of young quarterbacks trying to force out the older generation. But how long until Brady gives up the crown and passes the torch to the young star?

Mahomes is just at the top. He is bringing in the new wave of generational quarterbacks. As Eli Manning seems to be done from a starting role, Peyton Manning is retired, Roethlisberger is now out for the year, and Drew Brees is injured for half of the season, and what seems to be a fading generation of future Hall of Famers.

These quarterbacks have entertained the nation for years now. Manning vs. Brady was a debate for some time, and everyone knows the Brady vs. Eli Manning Super Bowls. Brady is the best among these few dominating Roethlisberger in record, and in playoff performance. Brees has set records and has huge numbers, but only one ring to show for it. All of these quarterbacks were amazing, and a few still are, but for how long, and who is next?

The next generation is here. Mahomes is simply on top currently. He brings with him Deshaun Watson, an exciting mobile quarterback in Houston that currently boasts a 15-9 record as a starter. Mitchell Trubisky, the Chicago QB has a strong defense behind him to help garner his 16-12 record.

Mahomes leads in the 2018 quarterback class that saw five quarterbacks now starting on their perspective teams: Lamar Jackson, Baltimore, Baker Mayfield, Cleveland, Mason Rudolph, Pittsburgh, Sam Darnold, New York, Josh Allen, Buffalo. All of these players except Rudolph earned their starting spot purely on talent and work. Their potential is through the roof and the next group of future hall of fame quarterbacks is here.

Brady doesn’t care or doesnt even notice. Everyone else can feel the pressure, it seems. Roethlisberger had issues with Rudolph early on and has seemed to come around, but understand that his job is under critical review with Rudolph in the building. Eli Manning lost his job to first round draft pick this year Daniel Jones. Lamar Jackson pushed out Joe Flacco out of Baltimore to earn his spot. But Brady is still winning Super Bowls. At age 42, Brady is breaking previous barriers of time.

Even Brett Favre retired before age 42. Well, twice I guess, but still, how is Brady doing this? Everyone is waiting for the break: the moment Brady dips in production. The NFL is ready for it too. Mahomes, Watson, Kyler Murray and Daniel Jones, are starting to become household names if they weren’t already. The league seems ready for the transition, but Brady keeps putting it off.

It’s like trying to get a senior citizen into assisted living. Everyone except a few is ready to see them go, but the senior just won’t go and is not ready to. Brady wants more. He keeps pushing back the timetable. Last year, he beat Mahomes in the AFC championship game to prolong the conversation. Now, the Patriots’ defense are trying to take off a small load so he can keep doing his thing.

But the time will come. Darnold plays in the same division as Brady. One year I predict he will beat New England two times in the same season. This will be the last year of the old generation. The moment Darnold, or Mahomes beats Brady in the playoffs, or multiple times in the season his time will arrive. He will exit the NFL as the greatest to every play and pass the torch.

Then the real fight will begin: chasing Brady’s ghost. LeBron James has chased Michael Jordan’s ghost in the NBA for years. Some say he has gotten there and even exceeded Jordan, others say differently, but the quest to become better than Jordan brought some of the best basketball the NBA has seen.

As the next generation takes over, they will begin to compete with one another to catch the ghost. This will be the fight everyone will want to watch. Who will be the new face and the G.O.A.T of the NFL?