Is Eddy Pineiro the Bears’ savior?

Josh Purnell, Courier Staff

Last season was unforgettable for the Chicago Bears and their fans.The team finished the season 12-4 and number one in the NFC North division. The Bears had the number one ranked defense in the league and everyone associated with the Bears whether it was the front office, coaches, players or fans thought they were on their way to the big dance.

Unfortunately, the season was cut short in the Wildcard playoff game at Soldier Field. With 10 seconds on the clock, Bears kicker Cody Parkey missed a 43 yard field goal. Every Bears fan in the world was shocked and upset. It caught so much attention that Cody Parkey went on The Today Show and head coach Matt Nagy was not okay with that. Parkey was cut from the team and the Bears went on a mission to look for a new kicker. Bears fans were hoping old Bears kicker Robbie Gould would come back, but San Francisco 49ers would not allow it. So, the Bears spent an entire off-season looking for a new kicker. Nagy brought a bunch of kickers to Halas Hall and they all competed against each other. Nagy “The Genius” came up with different game situations to see if the kickers could deliver under pressure. Sure enough, before the 2019 season started, the Bears had their kicker, Eddy Pineiro from Florida University.

Pineiro made a couple of kicks in the pre-season, but it’s pre-season and those games never matter. On Sept. 15, the Chicago Bears knew they had made the right choice. Pineiro connected on bith of his attempts in the first half. Towards the end of the third quarter, the Bears scored their first touchdown of the game, the score was 13-6.

With 31 seconds left on the clock in the fourth quarter, the Broncos scored a touchdown and a two point conversion, putting them up 14-13. With nine seconds left on the clock, it was 4th and 15 and the Bears needed a first down to get into field goal range. Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky connected with wide receiver Allen Robinson for the first down. Trubisky called a timeout while Broncos players celebrated because they thought the game was over. After the referee reviewed the play, the Bears had one second left on the clock after calling a timeout. As Pineiro walked on the field, all everyone could think about was the “double doink” kick in last year’s playoff game against the Eagles at Soldier Field. This is the time; this is the moment every Bears fan has been waiting for. With one second on the clock, Pineiro had to kick a 53 yard field goal. As soon as the center hiked the ball, all you could do was hold your breath. As Pineiro took a step forward to kick the ball, the ball went right down the middle. Every single Bears player ran on the field excited and full of emotion because they knew they had themselves a new kicker on the squad. After the game, coach Nagy told the press, “We talked about creating and craving pressure with the kickers over the summer. I credit our guys for just being able to go ahead and turn over every rock in the summer to figure who is going to be that kicker for us. I feel like we found him, and I’m just super stoked for Eddy.” Well coach, Bears fans are super stoked as well.