The Lumineers Release “III”

Rachel Greene, Opinions Writer

The title, III, symbolizes the division of storytelling in the album. The album is split into three chapters, coming together to tell one fictitious, but emotional narrative. Each song tells the story of one character – all of whom are part of the Spark’s family. The focal point, and perhaps the most popular song, is “Gloria.” The song tells a story of addiction, love and the bonds between family.

The album tackles difficult topics that are not always talked about. While talking about addiction, the album takes unique and different perspectives, often discussing how it can impact those around the addict in many ways. One member of the band states that the album, “was inspired by a member of my family, and no amount of love or resources could save her. She’s now been homeless for over a year. Loving an addict is like standing among the crashing waves, trying to bend the will of the sea” (Spotify). Many bands stray away from talking about addiction and its effects, but The Lumineers dive into unknown waters to tell a story that matters to them and that they hope will matter to their fans.

Unlike many albums that just string song after song together, III pieces them together into a perfect puzzle. This becomes even more apparent when watching music videos. Much like the album, the videos can be pieced together to tell one big story. In fact, the band was even nominated for a short

film award.

With their themes of authenticity and truth shining through, the ticket prices for their upcoming tour come as a shock to many. The lowest ticket price is around $150, excluding some fans and disappointing many. Even the worst view will cost some college students an entire paycheck. Regardless of the price, the band has a track record of sold out shows and they can expect to have another hit tour with III. Some fans may view the expensive prices as caring more about the money than the art, but the content of the album suggests that this is not true.

While the prices may be disappointing, the content certainly is not. Fans waited two years after the release of Cleopatra and it seems to be worth the wait. Breaking down stereotypes of what an album should be, The Lumineers have taken a bold step towards who they want to be as a band and what legacy they want to leave behind. This album will be hard to follow, but that is what fans said of Cleopatra. The band continues to come up with unique, bold ideas that keep fans captivated, even when the style is similar among most songs.