The issues in America are getting worse

Kalen Stanford, Courier Staff

In the new America, we have faced many, many issues that could be detrimental to the progress of the country in the future. The negative effects of American rights are becoming a serious problem in today’s society. These rights include gun rights, freedom of speech, etc. In my opinion, we need to revise the Constitution in order to maintain an updated outlook on the world. However, under the current government, I would not like it to happen right now. These problems are important, but it is more important to make sure we do not make it worse in an attempt to fix it.

The reason I see an issue with gun rights, is because these deadly weapons can land in the wrong hands. This often ends up resulting in a massive amount of deaths, whether it is in a school, at a concert, etc. As I have previously said in an article, we need to take into consideration what is working in other countries. For example, the United States holds 31 percent of public mass shootings while only having 5 percent of the population. That should explain how much of an issue this is in our country, and how there is clearly a better way we could govern this issue. We need a policy that makes it possible for people who are stable enough to get guns, and people who are not, to not. This is important because there are people who rely on these weapons in order to live, so we need a very detailed system put in place.

Another thing that could be better in the United States is the hate that is defended by freedom of speech. The reason I bring this issue up is because in Germany, it is illegal to flip someone off. This is just one supporting argument for revising the Constitution to make it illegal to express hate speech. I think this would be a good change to make so that minority people who are verbally abused can get justice. I think this would have many positive impacts on our society, making it easier for people to take responsibility for their hateful actions. Obviously, this would need to be discussed thoroughly to correctly resolve the issue, but I think it should be considered.

All of these issues can be curved, and possibly stopped if we revised the Constitution carefully in order to protect the citizens of our country. The current Constitution is far too old for it to be considered the “rules” of the United States in 2019. The rights of the people need to continuously change the way that society, and people change. I honestly do not believe we will be able to make any progress in this country if we do not fix our outdated policies. While I am aware of the issues this suggestion would cause, I think change is necessary for the United States to survive in the current society. If we do not make some kind of change soon, the country will live in overall fear and hate, and eventually we’ll fade away.