Crocs are in: a rebuttal

Rachel Greene, Opinions Writer

I recently saw an article claiming that Crocs were not in and stating that they are ugly, dangerous and unacceptable to wear in public. An avid Croc wearer myself, I was clearly outraged. Looking down at my own Crocs, I was hurt. How dare someone who probably has not even owned a pair of crocs disrespect the growing community of Croc fans? Sure, the shoes are not like other shoes, but this does not make them any less valid in the shoe community. They are unique. Crocs are colorful, bold statement pieces that add a hint of fun to any outfit, comfortable and customizable. In a world full of tragedy and sad news, Crocs add a beam of light that reminds us of joy. I am here to bring justice to my favorite shoe brand.

While the writer of the article claimed that no one thinks Crocs are cute, I often see people matching Crocs to an outfit. The Crocs add that last little bit of flair, tying colors and themes together in a unique way. Sure, they may not fit the traditional idea of beauty, but does anything? It takes confidence to take these iconic pieces of shaped rubber and make them your own, but countless people do it every day. Platform Crocs have even hit the runway recently. Extreme? Maybe. Iconic? Definitely.

Crocs are ridiculously comfortable and that is a certified fact. The article claimed that the shoes cause foot pain and are strapless. First of all, beauty is pain. We wear high heels, flip flops, etc. Do you have a problem with these, too? No, you just need reasons to resist the comfort of the Croclite material. Getting to flex your fresh crocs is worth a little soreness down the road. Life is too short to worry about that. Second of all, two words: adventure mode. Crocs do have a strap! It is optional to make the clogs easier to slip on – but it is certainly there. This argument simply is not valid. Until all strapless shoes are banned, I don’t want to hear it.

Crocs are customizable! What other shoes can you customize in the same way as Crocs? The answer is none of them. Try sticking a charm to your Nike’s and see where that gets you. Jibbitz, the charms that attach to the iconic holes in Crocs, were designed to make your Crocs your own. From flowers, characters and even Greek letters, Jibbitz allow you to make the shoes your own. If this creative outlet does not capture your attention, you may just be boring.

So, maybe Crocs are not your favorite thing in the world. Does this mean you have to wear them? Of course not! But throw a little respect on their name and let the people who genuinely love them have this. Are they bothering you that much? If so, stop pretending you are not interested and buy yourself a pair. Here’s to 18 more years of Crocs because these shoes are not going anywhere anytime soon.