Senators aren’t appointed, holds up business

Marc Ramirez, News editor


The past two weeks, the Student Government Association has attempted to conduct business; however, they were unable due to the lack of student participation. Senators in SGA are appointed by each of their different academic colleges or within an organization that falls within an office or center. As of Tuesday’s meeting, members from Centennial Honors College, College of Information Sciences, College of Education and Human Services, Graduate Studies, Corbin-Olson, Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council and the United Greek Council have either not been appointed or not shown yet. This leaves students who fall under these Senators with no voice during meetings.

Markeysha Marshall, Speaker of the Senate for the 51st legislative session, called the meeting held in the University Union Capital Room to order. She started with roll call and moved into cabinet reports. Student Government President Colton Markey started with asking the people in attendance to start recruiting for unfilled committees. In addition, he added that Camp Leatherneck is currently searching for two directors. Camp Leatherneck is a free two day leadership retreat for incoming students that focuses on individual leadership development, provides opportunities for students, faculty and staff interactions, emphasizes the importance of understanding diversity and promotes social responsibility by participating in community service. The retreat is organized and facilitated by current student leaders, known as Camp Leatherneck Leaders. If interested, students are encouraged to email Cecilia Langill, Graduate Advisor for Leadership Programs and Volunteer Services at

Next to speak was SGA Vice President Daria Levchenko. She spoke about arranging the first Mayor’s Roundtable with Mayor Mike Inman. She explained they have had roundtables in the past and have toured and learned more about the Macomb Police and Fire Departments and McDonough County Hospital. The first roundtable of this academic school year will be held on Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

“It’s going to be an introductory tour and they will show us around City Hall and we will meet a few different people who work there,” Levchenko said. “This is a good way to just say hi and get to know the community.”

Director of Outreach Alexis Williams-White, Director of Student Services Ryan Homer, Attorney General Kyle Ramlow and Student Member to the Board of Trustees Justin Brown all had no report for the second meeting of the year.

Chief of Staff Rachel Greene reported that if anyone in the room or any of their friends were interested in being on committees to reach out to her. As Chief of Staff, it is Greene’s job to help assist the SGA Vice President in coordination of the affairs of the Executive Branch, serve as a non-voting, ex-officio member to the Appointments Committee, advise the SGA President in the appointment process, directly oversee and appoint students to various non-SGA councils and Committees, act as a temporary liaison to non-SGA councils and committees when a vacancy Exists and periodically coordinate reports of non-SGA council/committee liaisons to the senate and conduct a yearly survey of the appointees as outlined per the SGA Constitution.

“We have a lot of committee spots and it would be most beneficial to get these filled sooner rather than later,” Greene said. “So if you know anyone within your organization that would be a good fit, let me know.” SGA Advisor Michelle Janisz added that Family Day is this weekend which also means that the second annual BBQ Cook Off will be Saturday as well.

“We have a variety of local and regional vendors that are participating in the BBQ Competition,” Janisz said. “In addition to the first football game and to the fact that the weather is going to be great, I encourage you all to come out to Q-Lot. You can find more information about that off the OSA website.”

Janisz also added that Homecoming is just three short weeks away. Applications are out for the variety of events that are scored during the week. More facts about Homecoming can be found on either the Homecoming or University Union Board pages.