The violence needs to come to an end soon

Andre Whitley, Courier Staff

We must stop killing each other. If you ask me, I get tired of waking up to a headline across my phone saying somebody has been killed.

I am from St. Louis, where we have been placed near the top of the list of most dangerous cities in the world every year. There are people out there that are not only killing random people, people with kids they have to take care of and innocent bystanders, but they are out there killing children. These children haven’t been able to experience high school or even their 10th birthday because they are dying at the hands of somebody who simply doesn’t care.

The most recent situation that I heard about was at a high school football jamboree in St. Louis. On a nice Friday night on Aug. 23, an 8 year old girl was shot and killed while at the game. Three other people were also wounded from the shots, which tells me that the little innocent girl was a bystander and just got caught in the crossfire of bullets.

I feel that since guns have become such a problem in the world today, we need to make changes to the gun laws. We need to regulate who can have these guns, where they are allowed to have them and who should be allowed to carry them. Things like this can’t continue to happen if we want a safe and friendly environment for our kids to grow up in. Parents shouldn’t have to worry about picking up a phone call to the news that their child has been killed while at a football game. Parents also shouldn’t have to worry about their children going to school and somebody coming into the school and shooting.

The thing about that is that when things like this happen, the shooter can simply claim they are mentally ill and/or insane and they get a lesser punishment than somebody who was selling marijuana. I feel like our justice system is crooked and that is one of the main reasons things like this continue to happen. Killing an innocent person should carry a maximum punishment offense. We need to do better as people and citizens of this country. There is no reason why we should have to watch or backs when we go somewhere, or limit the places we can go because they have been deemed unsafe for us. As people, we should be able to go anywhere and do anything we want knowing that we will be able to make it home to our families following the event or function.

All in all, as a law abiding person and somebody who wants to be able to grow as a man in the world, I say, we must stop killing each other.