The Bachelor franchise is overrated

Allison Young , Opinions Editor

I am a very dedicated Bachelor fan just as much as everyone else. I have watched the last few seasons of The Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. I know, so much wasted time on a TV show, but what can I say, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. Though, as I watch more and more seasons, I can almost predict what is going to happen and it is starting to get old. I also know that there are several stipulations that come along with being on one of The Bachelor series.

So, this might be news for a few of you, but there are several similar patterns seen through each season of The Bachelor. There is almost always one person that comes off as a little too much for viewers to handle. If you are a dedicated Bachelor fan, you could probably pinpoint a few of the individuals I’m talking about. I personally believe that these people are selected to make the show more interesting to watch. Even if the bachelor or bachelorette would like to get rid of this person, the show most likely will not let them until a certain point in the season. From what I have observed, it is typically when there is a two on one date. This is where two contestants and the main person on the show go on a date. In the past, this is when that individual that everyone comes to despise gets released from the show.

Of course the point of the show is based around the drama and “finding love,” but there are so many small things that contestants are required to follow throughout the show that I am surprised that people are willing to follow. First of all, contestants are all required to come up with their own wardrobe for the two months the show is on. I know that may not seem like much, but if you think about the day to day outfits, swimsuits, formal wear and date outfits, it can add up to a lot of things to bring. The other very surprising thing I found out is that the star of the show is paid over $100,000 to be on the show, but the contestants are paid absolutely nothing. Some people leave their jobs for two months, while some even quit their jobs and they do not get paid a single dime. I guess if you are looking for love, it might be worth the risk.

Honestly, I find The Bachelor franchise to be very amusing, but there is no way I would be willing to do half of the things that the contestants do. But, we all have our own cup of tea. So, if people want to go through all of that drama and follow the rules to find “love” in eight weeks, then maybe The Bachelor series is something for you. In my personal opinion, the series is very overrated, but it won’t stop any time soon because they just keep making money.