Antonio Brown: The Man of Headlines

Michael Harms , Courier Staff

The most melodramatic person in the NFL just keeps lighting up the headlines. However, business keeps booming for the star wideout. He now finds himself suiting up for the defending Superbowl champions the New England Patriots.

First, some background on this column. I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, that there is the reason that my spite, anger, and ultimately fear is so abundant in this column.

Antonio Brown signs with New England. Well that’s all folks. The best NFL team got the best receiver in the NFL and no one is shocked. This is always the game plan for this team. Win the Superbowl and get better. Always be the best and once again they will look to win it all.

As a Pittsburgh fan I find that this is just sickening. Steelers fans laughed from afar as AB seemed out of worry this year. Now they join our worst enemy that has bested us and the rest of the NFL for years. But is this even a surprise? New England is always looking for ways to improve and AB is just another asset for Tom Brady to use.

Oh, and AB is not done making headlines just yet. Two more have surfaced over the last 24 hours. First it was a report that he hired a social media consultant to help his attempt to leave the Oakland Raiders. In the timeline that we have been given, this means that AB moves quickly and had his mind made up a long time ago. Probably the moment there was a rumor they would take his $30 million in guaranteed money. That seemed to be the biggest problem for AB.

The final headline is the worst. He liked a tweet that stated Mike Mayock should be raped. No one should ever go through that and if Antonio Brown thought it was funny, or just liked it to show some hostility it is wrong. It is behavior that violates his NFL contract and I personally believe he should be fined for it. However, he is mad and angry with his former team who he never played a down for and it may have been a weak moment.

Whoever you root for, know this. The Patriots are better. They have the best coach, the best quarterback and now the best wideout. They are always improving, never stop working and are more deadly than any other sports team you have seen. They are better than the rest and we should all marvel at their skill. I hate them with a passion, but god they’re good.