Traveling helps gain life experiences

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

Traveling helps you grow up. Breaks are necessary to avoid burnouts. It is inevitable, regardless of what you do, a person gets tired of doing it constantly. This is why people have time off to go on vacation. Most of the time, any trips or vacations you end up on are with family because not only do they usually pay for the trip, you are too young to travel on your own as a kid. So, you have your “relax” time away from any work turned into a family outing, and let’s face it, eventually you will get annoyed that you are stuck doing anything altogether. So let’s take the fact that we are adults now. When we are on break, within reason, our breaks are our time to do what we want, when we want. This is the time that friends get together and take trips. Although vacations don’t always serve as a means to unwind, they are also a great way to gain some perspective on life. Most people stay in the same town, city or state for the majority of their lives. In life, you can only speak on the experiences you have and the ones that people share with you. So, gaining experiences from different places will help you become a more conscious person. Not doing this will shroud you from being able to share experiences with others.

Traveling allows you to cast a wider net on the world, and traveling could be as small or big as you want. The bigger you go, the more diverse and different your experiences will be which is why it is always encouraged to travel overseas. Being in college is a huge stepping stone. This is why so many people want to leave home for school to get that independence. Traveling, on the other hand, offers all of the things that going away to school does and more.

On your trip, you decide when and what to do, which means you can be as active or lazy as you want. Once you get to your destination, you realize that you are surrounded by people and places you don’t know. Curiosity opens the door to spontaneous situations and activities that you may not have been able to do on your itinerary. When visiting places, you may run into someone of a different culture. When you do, it becomes apparent that the things that people say and do on media outlets can be deceptive. If you are being deceived then you will lose the ability to think for yourself because the media will think for you. All media is not inherently bad, but doing your own research is important when discussing other people and cultures. If all goes well, you may even find something you enjoy and emulate from someone else’s culture. In the form of sociology, this is called cultural diffusion which is why we have sushi in America and Japan has baseball.

Wherever you go, just experience what you can whenever you can.