Being a broke college student is nothing to joke about

Kalen Stanford, Courier Staff

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Why is everyone so comfortable with joking about “broke college students?” In my personal opinion, it is an epidemic that should not be joked about. In fact, I think everyone should be taking it seriously and trying to find a way to put an end to it.

My first few years of college, I had no issue finding a job and I always had money to do the things I wanted. Lately, though, I have applied to so many places with no luck. So, how do we figure out what to do when we have tried everything we can? I have a few ideas, but until society starts seeing this as an issue, these ideas will be null. First, I think we need to look at the bigger picture: college tuition costs. Second, we should consider the amount of job opportunities in college towns. Lastly, we should think about giving college students incentives for higher GPAs. All of these ideas should be considered when we try to tackle the student debt crisis that is crippling our generation.

College tuition costs, as I am sure you know, are way too high for our current average incomes. With every year, students go even further into debt with very few pay options that won’t impact us negatively in the future. Our politicians really need to make this a top priority in the following years in order for any of us to stay out of deep debt that will eventually financially cripple all of us. Tuition costs should not be anywhere near as high as they are, because the people that have to pay it are not in a position to be able to. Most college students cannot have jobs due to how many hours they take for school, making it even more difficult to stay afloat.

However, if you are anything like me, a job is necessary in order to live. When living on campus, not having a job is acceptable since everything you need is covered by your student loans. When you move off campus in your upperclassman years, a job is important so you can pay your bills, get groceries etc. In my experience, it has been more difficult trying to find a job as a student, since most of my weekdays are spent in class. This causes issues with availability, leading to employers being less interested in you. So, how can I make myself more admirable to employers, when my availability is few and far between? I think it would help if companies took into consideration how many college students have different schedules of which they could take advantage. Employers could have many students working, making it easier to cover multiple shifts due to varying school schedules.

Another option that could help the student debt crisis is cash incentives for good GPAs. While this one is a bit far-fetched, I think it could be a big help in this situation. I believe this would help because it would give students a better reason to go to class and do well. An immediate incentive would help students see the positive impact school can have, leading to better scores, grades and GPAs.

If all of these options were considered when discussing the debt crisis, I think we could come up with a solid plan to put an end to it for good. Student debt is a serious issue that is often looked over or joked about, but we need to figure out a way to stop it before a whole generation is crippled by debt.