Macomb welcomes new expansion efforts

Devon Greene , Editor-in-chief

Completely new and more familiar businesses are coming to Macomb in the coming weeks and months.

The store coming first is the new Dollar General location opening on 212 East Calhoun St. where Family Video used to reside before they were forced to close their doors last summer. Family Video announced its closure near the end of June, and two weeks later, their doors were shut permanently. Dollar General remodeled the store quickly and had a soft opening on Aug. 28 and will have their more formal grand opening on Sept. 14. According to Macomb Mayor Mike Inman, they plan to keep both Dollar General locations open in Macomb.

“I’m grateful to have them in the community and I’m grateful for their expansion,” Inman said. “Our long term vision for the downtown has been and continues to be a mix of retail spaces on the main floor of our downtown buildings and then a residential component on the second floor.” A newer business making its way to Macomb is Los Charros. Los Charros has four locations across Illinois in Carthage, Rushville and Aledo. It is a family owned business and is taking the place of El Rancherito that closed down last year due to multiple health code violations. Los Charros is still undergoing interior and exterior renovations, but they plan to open very soon.

“The indication I had speaking to the manager last Friday is that they anticipated being open sometime in the second or third week in September.” Inman said.

Lastly, with the announcement of a second Starbucks location coming to Macomb, anticipation was high last April, as members of the community waited for the popular coffee shop. However, there is still no sign of Starbucks in the old Ponderosa building and signs for lease are up outside. According to Inman, there is no need to worry.

“Their original timeline has always been to open around the end of the calendar year, so I don’t know that that is out of the ballpark of reality. This is a corporate owned store, it’s not a franchise so the corporation is making the decisions.”

As far as the lease sign that sits outside of the building goes, Inman has a simple explanation.

“The property itself is for sale. We had plans for review and approval, we completed that about two weeks ago,” Inman said. “That particular building is going to be subdivided into three businesses, Starbucks will be taking the third. It is my understanding that the owner has a commitment from a second tennant and is still looking for the third.”