Why should everyone be at the first home football game?

Allison Young , Opinions Editor

Being a student at Western for the last two years, I have noticed that there are not very many people who tailgate before football games, even if there are tailgaters they typically do not end up in the stands at the football game. It has become a thing that is seen as a big party instead of it being an opportunity to support your university. This is something I would love to see change in the future.

As a cheerleader, I am very aware of how many people show up to tailgate and to the games. In the past, the biggest tailgate I have ever seen is homecoming 2017. This was my freshman year and the whole front half of Q lot was full of people that was amazing, but a majority of these people were alums or parents of athletes, and it is time for students at Western to start participating and joining in on the activities that make more memories for everyone.

I always hear people complaining about how much they want to be a part of a big school atmosphere and this is one of the ways to change that. If everyone would go to tailgate, be safe and head into the game, it would make for a memorable day for not only the people you do these things with but also for the football players on the field. It would make for a phenomenal atmosphere for everyone.

As most people know, Western has a reputation of being a big party school and that is the only reason why people choose to tailgate. It’s an excuse to drink and party with your friends at an early hour. Just because it is tailgating does not mean that it is acceptable to get so intoxicated that you can’t handle yourself. The point of the tailgate is to come together, have fun, and go to the game and support your home team. I would personally love to see much more of this happening at Western.

With all of this being said there are three home games coming up and I think that if Western wants to start seeing a change in the atmosphere, then there should be a lot of students at the game. On the plus side, everyone that has a student ID gets into the games for free, so there should be no reason as to why the stands are not filled. Hopefully, I will see some new faces at Hanson Field on Sept. 14, at 3 p.m.