Women in business kickoff first interest meeting

Jelene Evans, Courier Staff

On Sept. 4, the women of Western Illinois University came together and discussed what it is like for women in the business world, all while enjoying pizza. The meeting held in Stipes Hall Room 226 kicked off at 5 p.m. and concluded  right after 6 p.m.

Women in Business, also known as WIB, is an undergraduate organization dedicated to providing young women with a strong alumni network and an array of professional, academic and career development activities.

At the start of the meeting, everyone in attendance introduced themselves by name, grade level and their choice of business in which they are studying. Here at Western, there are a large amount of students who are studying business, including but not limited to business analytics, economics, finance, human resource management, management and marketing. Although many have chosen already, the women of the Leatherneck Nation have joined together to talk about Women in Business.

The female population of business studies is increasingly higher than males. Women in business are increasing highly because of the amount of opportunities that are growing throughout the world every day. With the growing economy, there’s new technology and inventions coming out every day and it’s because of women creating brands for themselves.

This organization gives women who are studying business the opportunity to create a brand for themselves and be able to brand themselves. In the spring semester, the women in business organization will be taking place. The meeting was an informational meeting about joining the organization and learning more about it, to create more standards for women in business.

If any females are interested in being apart of the organization, they can contact Michelle Howe by email at mc-howe@ wiu.edu, or by phone number at (309) 298-1535.