IHC nearly double turn out at first meeting

Nathan Clark, Courier Staff

Last Wednesday, approximately 25 students filtered into the Lincoln Room of the University Union for the first Inter-Hall Council meeting of the academic year.

“Inter-Hall Council is comprised of representatives from every community on campus at Western Illinois University,” the IHC page on wiu.edu reads. “IHC is a student organization serving as the governing body and large scale programming source for students living in the residence halls. IHC’s goal is to represent the views and concerns of all students living in the halls, as well as provide event development for students. All students living on campus are welcome to get involved with IHC.”

The organization is popular across many college campuses, but in recent years has experienced much decline at Western. Just last year alone, there were only 14 members from Western’s campus who actively involved in the organization.

IHC’s important and students should attend or get involved because they have the opportunity to make changes in regards to residence hall and dining services on campus. Last year, IHC was able to pass wording that would make it possible for the student’s swipe cards to go from $1875 to $1900. Students are also encouraged to get involved because they get the opportunity to put on cool events like the Taste of Macomb, Silent Disco, Mom’s Day Bowling and many other events on campus.

But this year seems different, there was an enthusiastic vibe in the air. People were excited to show up and seemed like they wanted to actively get involved. The meeting started off with organization President, Megan Rasmussen, explaining what IHC’s purpose is followed by a brief description of the Executive Board. After the Executive Board introduced themselves, each of the hall representatives introduced themselves too.

When this was over, everyone did an icebreaker to get to know each other better where each person was given a playing card and had to find someone with a pair, same suit or same color to what your card was. When finding your pair, you had to ask questions such as where the person is from, what their favorite show on Netflix is and what they are hoping to get involved in on campus. After the meeting, everyone started filtering out in groups and it was apparent there was a lot of enthusiasm about IHC.

“I was very happy with the turn out, it is the highest I have seen since I have been on campus and they seem like they are generally interested,” Rasmussen said about the meeting.

If interested in IHC contact Andrew Haugen at AJ-Haugen@wiu.ed for more information on how to join.