It’s too early to start celebrating fall

Allison Young , Opinions Editor

According to some people, it is acceptable to start celebrating fall as of Sept. 1, and for others they may even start earlier than that. In my opinion, it might be just a little too early. While we did see weather that seemed like fall this past weekend, we are now back to the hot and muggy days that feel like summer. Just because we are back in school does not mean that it is already fall.

The first “official” day of the fall season is Sept. 23 and I think that is the perfect time to start celebrating. While I appreciate some people’s ambition, I do not want to write off summertime just yet because that just means we are one step closer to the icky wintertime. Personally, I think the fall season is a fad and people just love all things associated with it, such as bonfires, sweatshirts, halloween and much more. It is time to slow down and still enjoy summer nights. We are still able to go to the pool, wear shorts and spend time outdoors without having to wear a jacket. I have never understood the urge to rush into the fall season.

There are a few things I do enjoy that are associated with fall, like football and everything pumkin related. I love watching football even though I do not keep up with it as much as I could. Though, I do get to cheer for Western football and I am so thankful that it comes just a few weeks after school starts. The best part about the fall season, in my opinion, is the pumpkin spice flavor in all things. I enjoy that I get an extra month or so enjoying pumpkin muffins, lattes and scents in my home.

All in all, I think the fall season is a little overrated and people bring it on way too early. We are all our own people and enjoy different things in life. Believe me, I love fall just as much as everyone else, but just not this early in the year. So, if you are one who is all ready to start celebrating and decorating for the season, enjoy. However, if you are like me, let’s keep enjoying the summer weather before it is too late!