Why it’s important to get involved!

Peyton Finnegan , Courier Staff

Every year, incoming students at Western struggle to make new friends because they are apprehensive about getting involved in organizations on campus. This issue is not specific to Western; most incoming students, especially freshmen, struggle with this.

According to a study called “Student Participation in Collegiate Organizations – Expanding the Boundaries” conducted at the University of Arizona, Christine M. Hegedus claims that extracurricular organizations are beneficial to college students. They help bring students and faculty together, let students interact in a non-formal atmosphere and allow students to strengthen their leadership and communications skills. This claim furthers the notion that college is a networking opportunity that grooms you to be successful in the adult world.

The most effective way to get involved on campus is to join clubs that interest you. Joining clubs provides you with the chance to interact with individuals that are the interested in the same things. Shared interests lead to new friendships, and these new friendships often lead to future opportunities when you graduate. This is why it is so important to utilize college as a networking opportunity. There is a wide range of clubs to join on campus; from Greek life organizations to intramural sports, there are clubs geared towards virtually any personality or interest. Every club or organization offers different experiences to grow as a person or student. Organizations on campus specifically provide opportunities to build leadership skills as well as facilitate the betterment of time management skills. Some organizations, such as Greek life organizations, support local and national philanthropies which give back to the community while simultaneously building bonds with members of that particular organization. Getting involved in major-specific organizations also provides more learning experiences for members to take advantage of. For instance, some clubs invite speakers who have found success within the major to speak about job possibilities as well as give insight into how to best advance yourself in your field. These speakers also communicate internship opportunities that uninvolved students would not know about due to the fact that they are not in the club. Getting involved in clubs that relate to your major is also a great way to further network within the college community. Not only does getting involved in organizations on campus help with making new friends and furthering your career, but club involvement is a resume builder. Upon graduation, employers want to see that their new hires were involved within their college communities. Therefore, the more clubs you join, the better your chances of receiving employment after graduation.

Pursuing multiple clubs is a great way to portray yourself as a well-rounded individual as well as gain a wide variety of friends. Getting involved on campus is a great way to kickstart your college career at Western. Making friends, major networking and resume building are just some of the many benefits that getting involved on campus provides.