UUBingo makes their first debut of the year

Jelene Evans, Courier Staff

Last Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2019 at 7:00p.m., Western Illinois University University Union Board hosted a bingo night, UUBingo, inside the University Union Heritage Room. The event brought out a lot of students. The University Union Board is a student organization that provides campus- wide programming to all Western students. This organization is also responsible for planning events like Homecoming, Family Day and WestFest.

“UUB serves as the premier programming board of Western Illinois University, which plans and provides social, cultural, recreational and educational activities, which are inclusive to the needs of the entire campus, which an emphasis on the student body,” wiu.edu/uub reads.

Inside the Heritage Room, 40 tables were packed with participants, ranging anywhere from eight to 10 people per table. These tables of contestants were packed with intensity as it was every man for themselves during this competitive game. The levels of energy were unmatched as the participants went head to head trying to create a bingo situation on their game boards and win a prize.

The event prizes for the first UUBingo of the year consisted of a NINJA blender, an air fryer, a movie basket, a game basket, a vacuum, a polaroid camera with film, a college basket and a craft basket. Close to the end of the night, the UUB team surprised the audience with the opportunity to win a brand new MacBook.

There was screaming and yelling, laughter and frustration all at once. All for winning of course, with the competitive spirits.

“It’s nice giving back to the student body and having them get involved in what we can offer them,” Rachel Greene, UUB member and Homecoming Chair said. “It’s always fun planning these events that everyone can come enjoy and it’s always a great feeling to see them successfully unravel.” As the game continued, for each round there was a different category or way of playing bingo. One way was playing vertical as players were able to get bingo if the numbers called were in a vertical pattern on their game boards. Another was four corners, where players could get bingo if the numbers in each of their corners were called on their game boards. The categories raised the intensity level each time!

In the end, all the prizes were given away, and there was good sportsmanship throughout the event! All participants had a great time and were very supportive of those who won the prizes that were presented!

“I think that students should really come out and attend events that UUB puts on because it is important to find a sense of campus community, especially when you’re so far from home,” Justin Brown, UUB President said. “Not to mention the fact that you pay for it through fees assessed when registering for classes therefore you should utilize every dollar you can. Not to mention it’s a great way to meet people and it’s a safe alternative to other things you could be doing off campus.”