Taylor Swift releases her seventh album

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

Taylor Swift’s newly released Album, “Lover,” was released on Friday. Swift’s new album completely rewrites her own history, as she rises, unbroken, from her much darker times that were projected in the album “Reputation.” Aside from the personal success of “Lover,” it has also reached a record high for albums in 2019. According to Billboard, “Lover” landed the “Biggest sales week” for an album in the first day it was released, not to mention the remaining six days that were still to follow.

“Lover” consists of eighteen emotional and complex songs of a wide variety. The five singles that were released before the album included “ME” “You Need to Calm Down,” “The Archer,” “Lover,” and “Soon You’ll Get Better.” These early released songs were a strong representation of what the entire album had in store for listeners. Songs such as “You Need to Calm Down” and “ME!” were fast favorites with listeners and fans across the country, as they jumped to No. 1 on Spotify’s “Todays Top Hits” playlist. Not all of the songs on “Lover” are like these two notable tracks, though. The song “Soon You’ll be Better” is a heartfelt and emotional ode to Swift’s experiences with her mother’s battle with cancer. As a listener, this track was particularly striking due to its vulnerability. The wide array of sounds and variations in song lyrical content makes this album quite intriguing as a listener.

Just a day after the album’s release, Swift’s songs “Lover” and “The Man” are sitting on the Spotify “Today’s Top Hits” playlist. “Lover” sits high in first place on the list, while “The Man” comes in at 15. “Lover,” the title track, embodies the true feelings of romantic love for another. The song is obviously about a great love that Swift has had, whom she wants to stay with “forever and ever”. The lyrics, both heartfelt and cute, make this an amazing song for anyone who may currently be in a happy and healthy relationship. “The Man,” a song pushing for female empowerment, emphasizes how differently women are viewed from men. In the song, Swift highlights things that she has done that are seen in a negative light, and emphasizes that if she was a man, those things would be viewed differently. The chorus states: “If I were a man, I’d be the man.” This song is perfect for anyone who understands what the lyrics are getting at, globally. All in all, though, it is a fantastic hype-song for those women who (like Swift) get way too much backlash for just being who they are, when in fact, if they were the man- they’d be the man.

All the songs on this album are well constructed and written, though some do stand out more than others. As someone who has listened to Taylor Swift for the entirety of their musical years, this album strikes me as one of the more complex and mature albums that Swift has created. (Let’s be honest I listened to the entire album twice the day it was released).

If you haven’t had the time to listen to “Lover” yet, I would highly suggest tuning in on YouTube or Spotify, where consumers can listen for free.