Students participate in new engaging welcome week events

Jelen Evans, Courier Staff

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Last Tuesday at 7 p.m. Western Illinois University hosted a trivia night partnered with the Think fast company. Students were able to go to the University Union’s grand ballroom to participate in the activity.

When coming in to attend the event, students were told the rules before checking in to be able to participate in the event. Among hundreds of students, all who attended were put at tables of eight people. Of the eight people at each table, each candidate was split into two teams of four. There were two remote controls that were being used as tools to answer the trivia questions as well for the two head captains.

In the beginning, the rules were explained and the game began. In between parts of the competition, there were two talent and two acting contests, where if chosen, students were able to showcase their talents in front of a huge audience if they had never done so before.

During the first round of the competition, the crowd instantly got into competition mode. The teams were working together, putting their minds together to get their scores up. After the first five questions, the top 10 teams popped up on the screens. From there, the competitive side of all the teams began to increase rapidly. The intensity of the energy in the room was off the charts! This was all leading down to the first talent competition, which was dancing. After the second round of questions displayed, four volunteers were able to showcase their awesome dance moves to some song choices played by the DJ to win a prize from the prize table.

Leading to the third round of questions in the competition, the game started to become more intense than before! Teams were starting to push harder to get in the top 10. After this round, came the first acting competition. Two volunteers were able to showcase their acting skills to compete for a prize off of the prize table as well.

Once again, the competition is heating up as the teams go head to head in the last two rounds. After each round there was the final talent competition which was singing and the final acting competition. Once the contest was over for the audience, each person who won the dance, singing and both acting competitions all competed against each other in the bonus round of the Thinkfast game.

All four winners had the chance to answer five questions within four seconds. As the questions were being asked, the competitive energy increased. All coming down to the last question, contestant number two gained the most points and became the new Thinkfast champion.