Explore your housing options

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

When you first get to college, a big adjustment comes with living in the dorms. For at least the first two years, you don’t have the choice of living off campus. A big question among students is once you get the chance, should you? I believe that when the opportunity presents itself, you should experience living off campus.

The first time living in a dorm at college is a unique experience for most because it forces you to work with what you have. Whether it is roommates, floormates or your room itself, this is a very valuable lesson to learn once you’re on your own.

As time goes on, people change and more importantly your friend group changes, meaning that you can do other things with your living situation. This includes becoming an RA, living in a greek house. I wanted to focus on why living off campus is better and should be sought after.

The biggest reason is money. Over the course of a year living off campus, you can theoretically spend the same amount on rent you would in only a semester on campus. Saving money on rent usually means having three to four roommates, which may be hard for some people.

Another big advantage is learning how to manage your finances. While we are in the dorms, we just give our money to the school at a set rate and do not worry much about our finances. Living and paying bills is a huge part of living out in the real world and the better you get at it, the better off you will be.

If you live in a fraternity or sorority house, you will be able to be closer to your brothers and sisters, which is the whole point of being in Greek life. Although this option is not available to everyone, people that are in Greek life should consider it.

You will save money on food and may learn how to cook as well while living off campus. When you do not live in a dorm, you are not required to pay for a meal plan, meaning that you can spend as much on food as you see necessary. The money that you do not use on your meal plan can be better spent on making your own food. Trips to Walmart will now replace trips to the dining halls.

Living off campus forces you to become more independent. Since we are technically adults yet still have a lot to learn, college is our last chance to get away with making mistakes. We should take the opportunity to live on our own in an environment where we can learn without extreme repercussions.

While living on campus has its benefits, I do not believe that it should be a four year commitment. If it is possible, I believe it should be split down the middle, having underclassmen live on campus while upperclassmen do not.