The perks that come with living alone

Allison Young , Opinions Editor

After being required to live in the dorms for two years, I finally have the luxury of having an apartment all to myself. I have visitors quite often but it’s essentially all mine. Contrary to most people, I really didn’t mind living in the dorms because I had the opportunity to live with people who became my best friends. We made it as fun as we possibly could, but it was time to start a different lifestyle.

Now, some people might think that living on your own comes with more trouble than living in the dorms, and while I agree, I think that having an apartment has its perks as well. Living on your own comes with learning a whole new kind of responsibility. When you have your own place, you have to worry about bills, groceries, cooking, cleaning and so many other daily “adult-ish” things. As someone who has never had to worry about most of those things, it has definitely been an adjustment. I have had to learn to budget my money way more than I ever have before. One of the hardest adjustments I have had to make is the fact that I do not have anyone to entertain me.

I’ve had roommates my whole college career, so living by myself was a hard adjustment. I am a social butterfly and enjoy spending time with people, so when I chose to move in early and there were not very many people I knew on campus, it was very hard for me. There were several times that I would get scared because I was not used to hearing all of the noises above me or that came from all over the apartment. Though, now that all my friends are back, I tend to entertain them at my place several times a week.

I find that the absolute best part about having an apartment is that it is a perfect place for me and all of my friends to hangout. We haven’t even been here for a week and have already made so many memories. It’s the best place to get ready before we go out, a great place for movies and it’s also great for when we want to have dinners together. A few of my friends still live in the dorms, so they really enjoy the fact that they can come and borrow my kitchen.

Ultimately, it is a very big step to move from the dorms to your own place, even if you are sharing the responsibility with other people. There is so much adjusting to do, but it is worth it. You learn responsibility, time management, budgeting and so many other valuable lessons. If you are debating about living the dorm life because it is easier, I highly suggest taking the opportunity to find your own place and make it yours. In the end, you are learning so much about yourself and how you like to live early on.