It’s time to make the most of your undergrad years!

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

All of us have had that inevitable feeling of being tired of school. The best way to combat that as we come into the new school year is to distract ourselves.

You can do this by making friends with people, primarily the ones on your floor because those are the people you will be around the most. Another thing to do is get involved in activities and clubs around campus. This way you make more friends, but more importantly you have another way to network in the future and believe me, you will thank your past self!

Once you have tried these things, another way to get the most out of your time in school is to get into a workout routine. This will be extremely easy if you have made friends because they will motivate you to go through with this. Another reason to go to the gym is to avoid any unwanted weight gain from having access to junk food more often. You can knock out two things at once, which is something that you become good at in college.

If you are the type of person to get homesick, then plan out your trips back home in advance so that you can budget for it, or, if you are really tight for money, set up times where you can talk to your family over the phone. This is important because some people struggle with being away from home, especially if it is their first time. Western also has certain days where family members are welcome to come by, so this is also a chance to reconnect with family.

As mundane as it may be, focusing on your studies is another way to distract yourself from being unmotivated and missing people back home. A bonus is that you get better grades if you buckle down on your studies. If you are advanced in a certain subject, you can make money by tutoring others that might not understand it. Whether it is the tutoring center or the writing center it is very easy to get help or provide help to people.

Since we are on the topic of money, getting a job really forces someone to obtain some type of management and commitment skills. You can work in the Union, library, recreation center, the possibilities are numerous, you just have to seek them out. This is another way to accomplish two tasks at once. Since everyone likes having money, this has to be something you try at one point.

Above everything else, as you make your way through your college career, make sure you connect with people. The great thing about college is that there are all types of people you can meet from many different places. There may be things that are not listed here that interest you, but meeting new people can expose you to new opportunities. Chances for new experiences are important as you tackle your next obstacle in this game we call life.