Brie reports one last time

Brie Coder, Copy Editor

I’ll be honest, I think the hardest thing for any reporter to do is write an article about themselves. Sitting here coming up with what to say for my goodbye article is super hard. There is so much to say, which I hope I remember to include everything that I need/want to say.

I remember the first time I came into the heating plant to get an application to work for the Western Courier. I was so nervous and afraid that my work was too artsy fartsy. Not even a week later, I was hired on to be a sports writer for Campbell and Mat. I absolutely loved writing about track and field and volleyball. They were easy for me to write about. That was the spring semester of 2017.

Not too long after I started writing for sports, I started writing for the entertainment section under Alyssa. It seemed like every week I was writing either two times a week or three. No matter how much homework I had or how stressful my personal life was, I always had time to write. Writing to me is like a drug. I can take all my frustrations, joys and complications out and perfect it into a beautiful story.

In the spring of 2018, I became the new copy editor. That job brought so much joy into my life. There were some days where editing was a breeze and then there were other days where I wished alcohol was allowed on the job. But either way, I was so proud to help fix the kinks out and get the writers voices heard.

This past year, I have had many hard things happen in my life that if it wasn’t for the Western Courier, my family and friends, I would’ve been checked out (mentally) a long time ago. I lost three good friends, two to homicide and one to a health complication. I also lost my amazing grandmother to cancer as well. I thought my life was crumbling before me. I felt like that person in the movies where their time is at a standstill, but everything around them is constantly moving.

After some soul searching and time to reflect, I was able to make a comeback, and how I did that was through my work. My work being essays, articles, blogs and personal journal entries. I’m so honored that I had instructors like Courtney Blankenship in the music business department, Eun Go and Yong Tang, both in the journalism department that motivated me to keep going.

I would like to thank all three of my instructors for displaying my work, always answering my questions and helping me find myself. To the head of this school, I beg you to never let these teachers go. They made my experience at Western one that I’ll never forget.

I also want to thank my family, including the best man who has every stepped into my life, Brian, for been a part of my college journey and supporting me with all the crazy things that I’ve put them through. I love you guys more than you’ll ever know. I will always be your guy’s little “Pooh Bear” and will continue to make you proud.

Next group of people I’d like to thank is all the workers of Dividends, who always did an awesome job making my favorite meals! Dylan, you still are the best ice and hot coffee/ cocoa maker!

To Jerry, Gina and the wild and crazy Conal, thank you guys for being such great friends and always making me laugh! You guys helped expand my horizons when it comes to thinking and I’m beyond grateful for that.

Last but certainly not least, the Courier family. Will Buss, thank you for being such a great advisor and always answering all the millions of questions I had for you about editing. To Brad, Chris, Marc, Steven, Allison, Jimmy, Sara and Becca, I enjoyed my time working with you guys. Thank you for all the hilarious bar stories, heart-to-heart talks and for always making my articles look so good.

To the new copy editor Amanda, you have no idea how excited I am to have you be, well, me. I cannot wait to see what you do once I leave and how your journey continues here at Western. To my big brother and wrestling buddy, Devon. I will miss you the most. You were the best boss I have ever had and I will never forget you!

Like the Avengers, we all have to disband at some point in time. I don’t want to, but I need too! As of now, my plan is to go to Cincinnati and follow the two biggest dreams I have had my whole life. The first is to go to combat sports school and learn commentary, which I have some contracts to fill out once I move there. The second, is to go to grad school and actually get my masters degree in English and writing.

If there is one thing I want everyone to take away, is that no matter how cookie-cutter people feel the need to be, I will never be that. I will forever be a comic book reading, wrestling watching, heavy metal headbanging, cartoon watching, nerd, and I apologize to no one for being the most amazing Brieana Marie that I can be!