SGA convenes for the final time this year

Marc Ramirez, News editor

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Aaron Steele, Speaker of the Senate, opened up the last general assembly meeting of the 50th legislative body of the Student Government Association Tuesday night. The evening began with roll call to ensure quorum of the room since the week prior, it was not attained.

“The mission of the Western Illinois University Student Government Association is to promote the general welfare of students through the representation of their concerns, viewpoints and interests regarding governance issues to the administration and faculty of our distinguished University,” SGA’s PurplePost page reads. “Through this service, the Student Government Association will strive to improve the quality of academic and co-curricular experiences at Western Illinois  University and provide developmental opportunities for its members.”

With that being said, the business agenda for the night was the SGA Constitutional Amendment 2018-2019.002 and SGA Bill of Resolution 2018-2019.001 in order to fulfill its mission. The first bill was about creating a Faculty/Student Roundtable that would become a standing SGA committee and would convene every academic year under the direction of the new Director of Academic Affairs.

Attorney General Kelly Rodgers, President Grant Reed and Director of Academic Affairs Colton Markey created the bill to promote and urge stronger faculty and student communication in order to develop stronger relationships, networking opportunities and to implement change. Therefore, they hope to establish this new roundtable in order to fix strained relationships and discuss issues, challenges and develop collaborative initiatives to better the student/ faculty environment.

“SGA has established a Faculty/Student Roundtable where these parties can discuss issues facing faculty and students, and act upon initiatives developed between these two parties,” the SGA Constitutional Amendment read.

The Operational Policy Committee granted the approval for the Faculty/Student Roundtable to be a standing committee and was brought forth to the general assembly which approved the legislature for the years following its inception.

The next bill on the agenda was a Bill of Resolution stating that the Senate here assembled was in favor and would formally support a new project brought forth by the Environmental Sustainability Committee at Western.

“Representatives of the Environmental Sustainability Committee of Western Illinois University have appeared before the Student Government Association’s General Assembly to present a future bike share program on Western Illinois University campus for the purpose of upholding the stated mission of the Environmental Sustainability Committee,” the SGA Bill of Resolution 2018- 2019.001 read.

Representatives of the committee requested a formal bill to show their support for the initiative and explained that it would benefit faculty, staff and the student body. However, SGA members were later informed that it was sold as a bike and scooter share program, which later turned into a more than likely scooter share program.

Members of the Senate were not happy with the false advertisement and wanted a chance to find out more about the program through research and talking more with representatives. With that, the Senate decided to table the bill until next year when they would have a chance to look further into the initiative.

The meeting was closed with last words from Reed, Lynn and Steele sharing their appreciation for everyone in the room and all the hard work that was put in throughout the year.