Students should give recipes to dining centers

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

Eating in the dorms is great whether it’s with friends or within the privacy of your room. The food sometimes leaves little to be desired especially in the actual dormitories. I believe if we get the students involved we may be able to create something that might make eating the food enjoyable as well.

Everyone has their own type of food preferences and more importantly their own recipes. The students that have more culinary skills can provide the halls with some recipes that other students would like. Promoting not only student participating, but also exciting ideas in the food court.

This would not only provide students with an additional option, but give students the chance to show off their skills for everyone to enjoy. The way that this would work is the dining halls could have students make dishes similar to the international bar that day.

Monday, for example, someone could potentially make a Mexican dish, since the bar has Mexican food in Corbin. Or on wing days, someone can bring an American wing recipe. This will provide a little more variety and competition amongst students .

To make the deal even sweeter, students can create desserts or items that could strictly be on the grill. This would create items that students can consistently get like certain toppings on a pizza, burgers, ect.

If everything goes correctly, the winners dish would seen on the classics menu every time their international day throughout the week. In addition to a prize reward of money, naming their dish is a small bonus to the potential 6-10 winners of this competition.

The way the winners would be chosen would also give the dining halls some life. I propose the student chefs make their dishes in portions to feed 20 and then they cut them up to the size of a toothpick.

This way, potential judges, which can be students or eventually past winners, can taste the dishes. Students that come and participate can try the dishes as well. To make sure that as many different people as possible have a say, you cannot go to multiple days of the competition and taste the food.

The price of admission can be used to ensure that the people tasting the food will vote and not just taste and run off. The competition can be held either in the food court itself or the lunch room to accommodate the amount of people.

After people RSVP and the student chefs are picked (from like a prelim), the competition can be held every year or semester depending on how much buzz the competition gets and the number of students participating in the event.

Hopefully something like this can be implemented to give the dining halls some more attention since it has the best thing any place can have: location and proximity. I would be excited for something of this stature to be sought out because the best thing we can do is keep Western exciting, especially when it comes to food.