Lil Dicky brings awareness to global issues

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

Lil Dicky, 31 year-old American rapper and comedian released a very special song for Earth Day last week.

On April 18, 2019 Lil Dicky released his newest single “Earth.” Along with the release of the song was also the release of the music video on YouTube. This song features popular music artists such as: Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Halsey, Zac Brown, Brendon Urie, Hailee Steinfeld Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Adam Levine, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, Sia, Miley Cyrus, Lil Jon, Rita Ora, Miguel, Katy Perry, Lil Yachty and Ed Sheeran. The “choir” portion of this song featured John Legend, Psy, Bad Bunny and Kris Wu. Playback vocals were done by Meghan Trainor, Joel Embiid and Tory Lanez. The Backstreet Boys and Leonardo Dicaprio were also featured in this song.

“Earth” was jam-packed with solid vocalists, as seen above, but that’s not all that made it so special. Proceeds from this song, video and merchandise are being donated to various charities that are working to save the planet. According to Time, some of these charities include: Quick Response Fund for Nature, the Shark Conservation Fund and the Carbon Cycle Institute. This song quickly caught speed, especially around Earth Day, within the first 24 hours the video had received a million views, the video has now received over 60 billion views. This song is just the right amount of vulgar and inappropriate to get the attention of listeners and viewers across the world. Though, the song is also extremely impactful as it points out the environmental issues that the world is facing today, and that if nothing is done about them, the Earth will ultimately die. The chorus of this song rings “We love the Earth, it is our planet, we love the Earth it is our home,” but it is evident through the spoken word at the end of the song that we, as a human population, need to start acting like it.

In addition to the song and the music video a website has been put together. The website domain is we This website outlines how individuals can help save the Earth. The website states: “The Earth needs our help. If we don’t make massive changes to our behavior over the next twelve years, the damage we’ve done to this planet will be irreversible. Oceans will be destroyed, super storms will become even more super, cities will flood, the air will suck, and we’ll run out of food and energy. And not in a couple of hundred years either, scientists say it’s right around the corner. But the power to prevent this is in our hands! We can save the Earth!!!” One thing that both the website and the song have in common is that they use common language and some humor to get the attention of a whole new audience to help save the Earth and to raise awareness about climate change. This website also has quizzes that you can take to help determine your own carbon footprint, with tips on how to lower your impact!

No matter who you are or your background, climate change affects us all. This song and website bring much needed attention to that from many different celebrities from all different backgrounds. If you have not yet heard the song, check it out! But more importantly, check out the website to see what you can do to help save the Earth.